Processing equipment (reactor, filter, glassware, short path distillation, rotovap) in stock and on sale

Hi everyone, we are Hydrion Scientific Instrument based in Northern California. This video shows the equipment that we are selling here in Vista, CA. Welcome to contact us to find out more information or to visit our warehouse at Vista, CA, 92081. We will have two wiped film distillation system available soon, stay tuned and we will post some photos later. Thank you.


Can you post up a list vs making us watch a video?


Sure, we thought it would be cool for you to see the room and the equipment. So the things that are in stock in our warehouse are:
1, 2l short path distillation turnkey setup
2, 5l short path distillation turnkey setup
3, 10l short path distillation turnkey setup
4, 20l Rotary evaporator
5, 50l Rotary evaporator
6, 50l stainless steel vacuum filtration
7, 50l jacketed reactor
8, 100l jacketed reactor
9, lab glassware (5l,250ml pyriform separatory funnel and etc, please check out our ebay store for the lab consumables)Hydrion eBay store

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Can you list the prices

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Pic of the 50l filtration

Sure, we have our spring sales on, you get 3% off with orders less than $ 15,000; 5% off with orders more than $15,000. The price we listed here are the original price without discount.
1, 2l short path distillation turnkey setup: 4944
2, 5l short path distillation turnkey setup: 5920
3, 10l short path distillation turnkey setup: 8455
4, 20l Rotary evaporator (motor lift): 6400
5, 50l Rotary evaporator (motor lift): 7999
6, 50l stainless steel vacuum filtration: 5200
7, 50l jacketed reactor: 4800
8, 100l jacketed reactor: 8500


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What’s your asking price

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More lab consumables can be found in our eBay store.

Do you still have the 50L roto? Contact Alex @ 8314286332

Too expensive sir


Do you have a showroom I can walk in too

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Hi @DankGoldCartel710, yes, we do, I posted a video of our showroom in my first post. I don’t know why the video did not show directly, you have to click the link to see it.

Anyway, you are welcome to visit us in Vista, CA, 92081.

If u want to know more info, such as price, specifications and so on.
Pls dm me for them

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What are the prices on your Wiped film distillation system?

What sizes of wiped film are you offering?

Please check out the our website:
Thank you.

We have two different systems, glass and stainless steel. They both have different sizes. Please check out this page for more information:

Can a rep contact me in regards to your short paths? Please DM me contact details.