Pro-pak distillation packing for sale

we have a lot of this material, magnesium oxide, silica gel ans florasil in stock if you looking for these material

The link leads me to a URL search page

email us at Sorry misspelled cannabis in the url. English is bad LOL. Our website is but I do not have the packing material listed yet. I do have a ton in stock if your interested.

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sorry, try

what can I help you with?

Do you still have pro-pak for sale ? How much per kg ?

1 kg…$385. plus shipping

fob: San Diego

in stock

ok thanks.
Have you in the course of your work in this industry, used this packing in
fractionation columns to separate cannabinoids (namely thc/cbd) successfully ?

I’ve always maintained that a well-run column with sufficient reflux can do this.
Any comments ?


yes this distillation packing is very good. you just need the right column height and the right column and you can easily do the separations with this packing

Great to hear ! What separations have you done yourself ?

we have a CBD, THC,polymeric, terpenic separations