Price of pounds in Cali right now?

Oregon dep/indoor market be like


I don’t grow ICC


It’s already there for me lol pretty much running “biomass” which is straight nugs

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The 1k ones were actually really nice wedding pie, i can still get 2+ or so. Its just once those numbers are said its what everyone expects or is looking for. Wish quality mattered more here


Just a joke cause a lot of the cuts and packs claiming exotic names in Oregon are just renamed ICC, at least what’s moving to the out of staters


2000 exotic indor in los. What you need


Granddaddy Purps cross by Dutch Passion. Critical Orange Punch. Cali Greenhouse. 1250 in Chicago 9/11

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How are you reclaiming your water?

I was thinking of using an RO membrane to accomplish this. Would I need some special membrane to deal with all the salts in solution?

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Yes you can, I don’t use RO. I use a multistage filter down to .1 micron and UV sanitation. I end up with like 20 ppm. I just pump the runoff containers and my dehumid and ac into a resi. From there it runs through a manifold and into the filter when it’s full. 0 waste water.

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The .1 micron filter can remove the soluble salts?

I’m unsure the size you will need for salts. I don’t use salts, I use living soil and top dressing. My runoff might come out at like .5 EC and a majority suspended solids.

A majority of my reclaimed water comes from HVAC.


One of my readily available sources as well. Really love to hear you recycling your water :call_me_hand: i hope others follow from your inspiration.

I’ve got a 5000 gallon tank coming in today (kinda wanted 2), gonna truck in 4000 gallons then hope like hell catchment and reclaim can sustain my little patch of dirt

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Okay lol I was thinking about recycling hydro water with nutrient salts.

I guess I’ll just water cover crops with the run off until I get the extra ro set up.

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How often do you swap out your water on your system?

My last grow I was able to manage without having to change reservoir water (i really believe thanks to amendments like compost tea). I want to try and keep this going, water being a precious resource and all.

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I haven’t run any hydro before, I was just gifted an aeroflo 60 system to try out and I didn’t want to just dump the excess water outside.

Just trying to out a plan together beforehand.

Thats really cool. What kind of hydro were you running and how long did you manage to keep that up?

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Until depression, burn out and an accumulation of life stressors broke me down. Still burnt out, hopefully improving post-move.

I ran RDWC, wouldn’t recommend any other hydro setup, simply because putting your nutrients into a bucket holding your plant is a PITA, i also like that i can put my air pump or whatever into that one if i want. Mostly i hated using buckets, lifting the plant, then checking, feeding, etc. so much.

Mine was very basic, 2 inch unseals and 27 gallon HDX totes, 2 inch pvc between them, 3/4 inch pvc on bottom of tote as final drain (2 inch PVC doesn’t get low enough to allow for full drainage). Pump runs water from reservoir into the plant bins via 3/4 inch PVC to the sides, i didnt gasket this connection as my water level is below the line

On my next build I’m going ot invest in proper bulkheads instead of the uniseals, raised 2 inches off the floor with insulation foam board (this allows for the drainage port at the bottom). I want to add an additional pump, for the drainage port, so if i must evacuate the system a flip of the switch should get it done (ideally into a holding tank, maybe an IBC tote?). I would like to get a sufficiently sized pump so i could use a Venturi setup to introduce air into the system, rather than a pump adding heat and taking up precious power. Idk if that’ll work out though, my last attempt did not but I believe the pump to be too small for the task. Oh, and then I’ll set it up to run off an arduino because I’m too damn ADHD to keep good care of my plants :frowning:


Salt in water is the bane of humanities existence. A REALLY good RO filter is going to have a 1:1 rejection rate, which means for every gallon of clean water, you have a gallon of dirty water. It’s not going to be the most effective way to consistently reclaim water definitely not for hydro. To is going to get you about 50,000 gallons of clean water, a multistage carbon filter will get you 500,000 gallons. Your going to be better off forgoeing the salts/salinity if you want to reuse your water.


This is why I need to be a lvl 4

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They are all helpful bits of info they just need to be categorized better.


I’ve always wanted to bury a 275 gallon tote and try to DWC a single massive outdoor plant. Think id be able to do it without a water change :rofl:

What are you guys feeding your plants with?

Lol. You’re right sorry.