Price Drop: 20L Heidolph Hei-Vap Industrial A1C Rotary Evaporator with vacuum pump and chiller

Item Model/Manufacturer: Hei-Vap Industrial A1C Rotary Evaporator / Heidolph
Description: Like new 20 L rotovap with dual external condenser, chiller, and vacuum pump.
Price/MSRP: $54,000 ( original listing price $59,000)
Current location of item: Oregon
Estimated lead time: 5 Days. Currently crated.
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: No

Condition: Like New. Less than 20 hours of use.

Heidolph, manufactured in Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of rotary evaporators. From glassware and equipment quality to reliability, Heidolph is a very reputable manufacturer! No comparison to Chinese models.

Asking price: $59,000 OBO

Location: Madras, OR. Sale is time sensitive, thus all reasonable offers will be considered. Item price is FOB. Negotiable instrument only, unit will be released for shipping only after receipt of instrument. Packaging and shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. Seller can provide packaging and crating assistance for a fee. Buyer is responsible for LTL shipping arrangements and insurance.

Interested buyers, please contact: 503-866-1465

Retail over $82,000-$92,000:


Rotary Evaporator: 20L Heidolph Hei-Vap Industrial A1C

Vacuum pump: Heidolph Rotavac 20

Chiller: Heidolph Hei-CHILL 5000

Two, 10-L receiving flasks

One ascending condenser

One descending condenser

One ascent pipe

One 20-l evaporating flask

Additional Details:

Excellent user safety with high-impact transparent PMMA door.

Non-fogging safety glass and metal frame guard hood provides excellent user protection.

The evaporation flask is illuminated during operation for increased visibility.

Universal heating bath accommodates water or other bath fluids allowing for temperature settings up to 180 °C.

Receiver cassettes and additional PMMA door housing protect against threat of glassware breakage.

Comes as standard with integrated refill water system, spillover prevention and a release valve at the bottom.

Base Cart is fully maneuverable with removable panels for storage of vacuum pump, glassware, solvents or accessories.

Large touch screen control panel with illuminated displays for all process parameters, programmable ramps

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This is a beautiful piece of equipment. If lab equipment can be heady, this is heady.


Why did someone buy a $90,000 rotovap?


Honestly, I bought the cheaper 20L AI Rotavap and I regret it. The consumable parts get insanely expensive.

I’ve used this same model Heidolph, this thing is a Ferrari. I’m jealous to whatever lab gets it.


Wild. My rotovap was maybe…$1,500 brand new? And then I found a 4 head diaphragm pump and a lyophilizer to use as a cold trap for like…$500 all in? Up until recently my chiller has been a garbage can full of ice with a fountain pump.

I shit you not, my entire rotovap was maybe $3,000 and I’ve honestly not used a branded rotovap yet that has decisively been better haha. I’m sure the heidolph has all sorts of bells and whistles, but to recover ethanol or heptane? It just doesn’t warrant $90k.


I turned down buying this same model for 18k because its just not justifiable.


I hate to use the worn out car analogy, but this is like driving a Tesla. Nice one, with wings. It does everything for you. It’s quiet. It’s elegant. The display is beautiful and straight forward. The chilling is sufficient and the vacuum control is to die for. Truly a game changer in terms of productivity.


Except that this is a commercial device used for a specific purpose and for the specific purpose this one is used, this one is an Overkill. I don’t see DHL and FedEx driving around in Ferraris. I’m a chemist and I love excellent instruments to work with, but I’m also a businessman and it has to make financial sense.

You make a point. UPS doesn’t drive Ferraris. All of their trucks are custom manufactured which is probably more expensive.

There is a reason that companies like Pfeizer have so many of these that their quality department requires units in stock at their production facilities. They actually have units in storage that are ready to be deployed to the line at a moment’s notice. The equipment is so reliable that there was an issue with these units exceeding their warranty period prior to being put to use.

High end, pharmaceutical-grade rotos have precise controls and instrumentation that allow for tech operation. These don’t require a chemist to run them. I am very aware of the serviceability of cheap rotovaps. Yes. they work. The flask spins, the water gets hot, the coils get cold. But big pharma makes very good financial decisions and I guarantee you, they have Heidolph or Bucchi rotos.

At this price, this is a steal. Maybe not if you are a sole proprietor and a chemist. But if you have a tech with less experience, this equipment is the shortest path to fool proof ethanol recovery.


Pfizer’s profit in the last quarter were $12.8 billion dollars they can afford the tax write-off. me on the other hand…


A workhorse rotovap only needs to (i) hold vacuum, (ii) spin, (iii) condense and (iv) heat. Within a single week’s training no one should be negligently bumping a 20L rotovap - I’ve tried my darndest to bump rotovaps this big, and its not easy because the vapor pathway is so large. That is to say the vacuum control 99% of the time isn’t a necessary feature if you have a $15 needle valve and a reasonable understanding of the equipment. If you DO need that feature - you might considering buying and installing a vacuum controller off ebay for a couple hundred dollars yaknow?

Think about what $90k does for a lab if its NOT spent on something you can achieve for under $10k. That $80k saved worth of equipment, supplies, reagents, fume hoods, distillation equipment etc etc. Im picturing spending $80k on what would probably amount to three (used) 10’ walk in fume hoods installed with HVAC/electrical for the price of one rotovap. But believe me, I wish I had that kinda money and the autonomy to spend it on luxury.

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VanGor Smash!

Or an IRV20 for $90 brand new. These things are absurd


Mother Truckers. The only thing I’m glad to take from them are purchase orders.

You and your fellow chemists and high-level operators in the lab are my absolute favorite. <3

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