Pressure swing distillation technique

This tehcnique done repeatedly under computer control I predict would increase throughput of deep vaccum systems considerably. I use this technique all the time when the pressure seems to hang up. At times it is as if the very last bit of volitile will hang on for a long time. Then when I see the trend flatten I go ahead and swing the pressure multiple times. Generally this gets it past that.

This video is unique because I am swinging the pressure for the video during MFP vacuum conditions. So the transition from MFP then back to MFP in the system can be witnessed much easier than when terpenes are present. With terps present the swing just produces a lot of bubbles. Fresh air through the pump also helps clear the gases held up in it. At deep vacuum there is no “flow” towards the vacuum pump or out the exhaust and a quick bump of the valve to pass fresh air through helps clear the pump. This technique would make the pump run hot if employed as a repeating computer controlled feature but if I was a young engineer again I would design machinery to exploit these swings (I would use two pumps with a solenoid between to really leverage the concept). As it is this is just one of the many nuances that micro refinement can leverage easily. The swing you witness is approximately 300 microns.