Precision PX1 closed loop full kit for sale 30k OBO


Have a PX1 with 5 pound material Column, 20 pound jacketed Solvent tank, jacketed dewax Column, jacketed recovery vessel, and rack for it all to be mounted on. Also included is the precision punishe GC5000 recovery pump, Milano heater recirculator, poly science chiller, and molecular sieve vessel.

Asking 30k OBO. Located in Colorado Springs

Also have four 5 cubic foot cascade vaccuum ovens for 2,000$ per oven.


You still have this equipment available?



Do believe so. Have an offer for all 4 ovens and the PX1 for 35k. But don’t believe he’s pulled the trigger. You have an offer?


Sent PM


Does the jack under the recovery chamber come with the system or extra? Lol


Doesn’t list it as included, you’ll probably have to go. Get your own jack


Lol hey man all yours. My techs complained it hurt their backs go put the collection pot on so bam that’s my solution


Could I just buy the jack? I’ll pm you an offer :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


How old is this system??


Is this still Available?


It is. A lot of tire kickers. No one pulled the trigger yet


Can you send pics of the ovens??what models are they