Precision Manf. PX1 vs X10

Was hoping to gather information from users of Precision’s PX1 and X10 models. We’ve purchased a 2017 PX1, but it’s still waiting at the warehouse as we continue through licensing. We’ve been looking at the X10 model and thinking of upgrading before they ship the PX1. Were new to the game and the only exposure I’ve had to getting my hands on CLS is done with an ETS 1300. So a lotta unconscious incompetence.

My thought is within a year or two we would want to upgrade to the x10’s 10lb vs PX1 5lb capacity. As well as it appears it has more abilities for temperature control, and is more user friendly/time efficient…? Anyone used the 10 and would recommend?

Bonus for any accompanying chiller recommendations as well!

Thanks a lot for helping passionate novices like me out. :love_you_gesture: