Precision Extraction - CDU3000

Looking to see if anyone here has any experience or feedback on the CDU 3000 unit that Precision offers.

Looks like a beast and claims to pump out some serious volume but have not yet come across anyone using/used one

No feedback, but here is the manufacturers website: UIC GmbH | Pioneer in Short Path Distillation

Precision probably has an exclusive sales contract for the cannabis industry similar to Root Sciences and VTA.

Which is interesting because VTA acquired UIC earlier this year.

CDA 3000 = KD6 I think, UIC’s smallest stainless steel unit.


@precisionnick what say you?

The information ORhemp posted is correct. We work closely with VTA, as they now own UIC as you stated, however the brands and production factories remain separated in Germany.

Our standard system is UL listed, dual stage. Evaporator surface area is equal to the KD6.

We will have units back in stock in April, unfortunately the supply chain for sub-components on all the larger distillation systems is gummed up, we are doing our best to cut lead times.

Any questions feel free to shoot me a message.


World wide shortage on gear pumps??

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That’s interesting. Even though their equipment is extremely similar they didn’t merge those two. If I’m correct, kinda like Uber and Lyft are owned by the same group. Completely different from each other, but goes to the same bank , that’s what I heard. I dunno if it’s true

Yea man. Those damn pumps. A couple of other UL componets also.

You get the idea overall. I can’t comment of specifics regarding the inner workings of the companies in question. Everyone is always looking to value add.

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managed to get into initial contact with precision but later on no response from them…looking into their KPD 1000 conti EtOH extraction line for Europe…

Anyone with some info ?

Hi Kepezzo,

Sorry we are slow getting back to you. Do you know who you spoke with?

As a heads up, we are out of the office for the holidays, from December 22nd to January 2nd. Our response time may be slower than usual during this time.

If the matter is urgent I can have someone reach out to you about your project.



Hi all,
Merry Christmas !

Precision responded promptly and I messaged @precisionnick.

Looking forward.

Does this CDU 3000 produce Pharma Grade Distillate?

its a nice unit

I have a 3k in my spot right now its a nice unit, the most reliable part of precision is the techs they are really easy to work with, I am pretty happy with it, there are a few things that could be tweaked but for the most part it is good

if you want any more details or photos dm me