Precision - 2017 PX1 - NEW/NEVER USED (full package)

Item: 2017 Precision PX1 w/ Julabo fp50 chiller, CORIO cd-12 heater, and GC5000 pump.

Location: SW Michigan

Price: $45,000 (will deliver for additional cost)

I am remaking a previous post because I wanted to update that we have collectively decided to sell the entire package deal. I am updating photos as well as listing the asking price! (sorry for any confusion) Here are the details…This is BRAND NEW/NEVER USED :sunglasses: 2017 Precision PX1.I am looking to sell as a package deal and can offer delivery for an additional fee. The package deal will include the following:

  • PX1 2017 System - 3-5# Extraction System w/ dewax
  • FP50-HE - Julabo Refrigerated/Heating Circulator
  • Thermal C2 10L - Bath Fluid for chiller (x2)
  • CORIO CD-BC12 - Julabo Heating Circulator
  • PAK1100 - Package Accessory Kit for PX1 2017, FP50-HE, and heater
  • GC 5000 - Gas Compressor - 240V

The entire system is rack mounted. It has one 5# material column, jacketed dewax column, jacketed 20# solvent column, and jacketed recovery vessel. All of the ancillary equipment is still wrapped in plastic and the GC5000 is still in its original freight box. I am selling this unit because we are looking to have a system that will be easier to grow with us as we move forward. This is a truly great set up and a very great deal for someone interested in no lead time and can deliver immediately (if requested for a discussed additional fee) or we can arrange for a pick up. I will add photos and cut sheets below. Looking to sell this ASAP, I’m really hoping to do so in time to make the necessary changes for my HMOR.


CD-BC12 cut sheet.pdf (250.0 KB) Cutsheet_GC5000.pdf (788.9 KB) Cutsheet_PX1.pdf (761.0 KB) Julabo FP50 cut sheet.pdf (302.6 KB)

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How many lbs can produce daily

You can run about 5lb/hr

40lbs per 8 hour shift

is this item still available?

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Yes it is