Pre filter on vac for SPD

Has anyone looked into running a pre filter to capture the vapor that contaminates the oil in our pumps?

Like here:

Or some of these:

It would nice to be able to keep our oil clean!

I’d you have minor amounts of stuff you actually should prefer for the pump to eat the vapor down the throat, process the molecules and then eject them from the pump. sometimes these pre-filter mechanisms actually create a point where things attach to and continually boil off through the process

So I assume that you haven’t actually run into any data one way or another than?

If the vacuum has already been run through 2 cold traps with DI & acetone with the base of the traps in DI slurry so no off gassing the rest of whatever vapor that contaminated the oil and keeps it from pulling as deep could very easily get trapped in some sort of a pre filter and either eliminate by being absorbed by the carbon or other media used. Either way the pump would see far less junk . . . No?

Sort of a double edge sword. There are better and more efficient methods of protecting pumps if you ask me. And how you sequence devices matters.

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Consider this a formal ask!