Pre and post filtering for distillate


Have a little bit of crude , minimal winterization. Currently oleresin 1:4 , crude to ethonal . Gunna bump that up to 10:1 and fully winterize . I already know I’m going to have to degum due to water content dragging in water solubles during soak phase etc. Looking for the easiest and most efficient order of steps to winterize, alter ph, degum , brine wash and saline scrub ? Just a little confused on those terms and steps. Can you alter ph while in the degummimg phase , winterize prior to that ? Winterize , degum, winterize, scrub , reclaim , shortpath ? 1:1 heptane degum and ph at the same step ? Might be off on my process . Want to double check before running any of the crude. If ran with incorrect ph and color comes out purple let’s say, can you then alter and re run to a nice yellow or clear color from there , or to late ?

  1. Winterize->degum->winterize->
  2. carbon/clay scrub->filter->
  3. heptane/saline/ph scrub->
  4. Chromatagraphy with silica,T5,alumina, and/or magsil
  5. Recover and distill

I think 1 and 3 are essential to minimize heads and the bad smell. 2 and 4 are more for clarity and are optional. Good luck
Do all the steps with no oxygen present and youve got yourself some really clear oil. When i first started i did all the steps and made near water clear and now i know which steps are needed based on what crude or biomass im tolling.


Sick , thanks man . That’s exactly what I needed just a couple numbered steps .


Nice write iT up as a sop Some time
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I think its already on here somewhere but ill go ahead and write up SOPs for how i do things and it may not be the best and efficient process but its what i feel comfortable and confident with so far. And others may find that it suits them better than other SOPs online.


Please do
I am confident that progress in distillates and all other products now has to come from pre distillation sops
I also urge. Dealers and sales man of absorbents to place the sop s of their products here
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Step 3 , 4:1 heptane add 10-20% , degum with the citric acid (1%) of total solution. Put in sep funnel , let sit and separate . Drain water layer. Filter then check PH add MgO until at a neutral 7-7.1 ?


4:1 if its crude and 3:1 if its first pass.
If u have 1L of crude, use 4L of heptane.
Now get 20L ready of each:
Ph 4 water @30C with 15% salt.
Ph 7 water @30C with 15% salt.
Ph 9 water @30C with 15% salt.
Ph 7 water with 5% salt.
Ph 7 water.
Use Citric acid for ph up and and baking soda for ph down.
U want to mix ur heptane mix 1:1 with each mixture in the order i listed. (Order of first 3 doesnt matter, atleast i cant tell) You will do 4 washes of each ph before moving onto the next mixture and make sure you finish it off with 4 rinses of plain ph 7 water.
MgO is just a catalyst for decarboxylation, i dont think its needed for balancing ph or has any other benefit. U want to filter that out before loading up ur distillation unit with it cuz the powder starts to thicken and cement at the bottom towards the end of the run and tends to mess up the stir bar.

I really like to filter through a packed silica/T5 column or even butchner after these steps.
If u can do it all under nitrogen and slight pressure, it helps a ton with the color

At the very least flush the solvent through some molecular beads like 3a but 10a works better. To capture all the mini particles of water that are suspended in the heptane mixture


Milliard Citric Acid 5 Pound - 100% Pure Food Grade NON-GMO Project VERIFIED (5 Pound)
Amazon product , that acceptable .
Reg table salt ?
Reg baking soda ?

Just to clarify , when mixing the 1:1. pour crude/heptane solution into the ph 4 water with 15% salt at 30c, then put that solution in the sep funnel . Let separate drain . Repeat 3 more times . Then move to the next ph wash( for numerical reasons let’s say ph 7 ). Wash 4 times so on and so forth .


Yeah food grade is just fine
Mix the 1:1 in a seperstory funnel. Shake the shit out of it for 5 min and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before draining the water portion, then repeat.
Youll keep the heptane in the sep funnel and just keep adding the water mixtures. On the final drain wait 1 hour to make sure all the water made it to the bottom.


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Wauw i thought i had a long preperative sop :+1:
Probably No bumps When distilling and 90% your base line
But definatly a Nice method Thx
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I would definitly recomend a sep funnel like the one in the tread diy seperatory funnel works marvels with a overhead
Then again No pressure or blanket possible


Lol thats just step 3 :wink:
Ive never had issues with bumps or material climbing to far, boiling flasks are also really easy to clean after ur done with ur run


Thanks for sharing @Thetetraguy

Which equipment would be needed to do the filtering under nitrogen pressure afterwards?

Also how do you flush thru the molecular beads? Is there a ratio beads to solvent?