PPTD-50 Centrifuge in stock in LA warehouse

Vacuum filter

Available for pickup in US warehouse

Whatsapp: 0086 13849063065
Email: sales03@kedainstrument.com

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Your emoji has a big hand. I hear @TwinPod needs a new hand model.

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creating an emoji with a disposable or a blunt is a good idea

PPTD-50, PPTD-135 model centrifuges are in stock now. real picture.
The filter bag is included with the machine.

300$? Seems like 300$ worth of construction.

No free shipping though… If it’s crate shipping then forget about it. I’d rather epacket and duct tape… 100$? Shipping … So like 420$? :man_facepalming:t2::yum::yum::yum::yum:

If the filter bag is seperate is that 150$ less?


centrifuge working video

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PPTD-50 model in stock in LA right now.

PPTD-50 sold out . 3 sets PPTD-50 and 2 sets PPTD-135 on the way.

1 unit PPTD-50 Centrifuge in LA warehouse. Are you need it ? Please whatsapp me : 0086 13849063065

In stock in LA warehouse now.

PPTD-50 and PPTD -135 centrifuge in stock in LA warehouse. Do you need it now?

PPTD-50 machine can processes 30lbs of hemp material one time.

Anna: whatsapp number: 0086 13849063065
email: sales03@kedainstrument.com

DM me for best price

In stock in LA warehouse, no need to wait.