Power Hungry Mod? Or Just Business As Usual?

sidcoGood Life Gang

"0% of your post helped move the conversation forward.

This is not a place for your opinions. Please keep banter on the off topic section or on instagram."

My comment (albeit sort of dickish) was factual, astute, and otherwise responsibly toned in regards to the subject. It wasn’t any sort of banter - in fact it was a single comment. and i was advising the dude who dumped a bunch of base into his oil and made soap.

More importantly, since when is this not a place for opinions?? This is literally the place for opinions. today its me, tomorrow its you!
lets check the guidelines @sidco
" Public, permanent discourse

Be aware that posts made are relatively permanent. After 24 hours posts are locked in place and unable to be removed unless they clearly violate US law. We do not delete flame posts, banter, or your midnight ramblings. At most, posts get moved to the Echo Chamber or Ground Up for being ‘off topic’. Please be careful to post only information you wish to forever remain public."


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half of the posts ive seen you make are flaming other people, and talking down to people who didn’t go to college. I imagine most people have no issues with @sidco or any other mod here. If you are having this much difficulty I would suggest you reevaluate the content of your posts


Meh. If @sidco flagged it, I’m sure you had it coming. Lotta flavors, don’t be so salty.


I think we let a lot fly, but at least attempt to stick to the subject and make a useful reply.


Actually @YeahBet is a very nice person that took a lot of time explaining stuff to a noob like me in DM. He even declined payment when I wanted to compensate him for his time.

I’d say there’s worse people in this place.


thanks homie. its my pleasure to help


Dude, chill. This is a super chill place. Nobody is out to get anyone. This is one of the most positive forums you will find. Even if you feel slighted, let it go and enjoy this wonderful community. Maybe something was taken wrong, but the world turns on and this is a great place to hang out. Hope your future experiences are more positive. Cheers!