Possible to make non-decarbed CO2 extract from CBD hemp for carts?

We have been running our Infinity 10L extractors for a few years, but have been running decarbed material for edibles. I have a client who requesting CO2 extract from hemp flower (nice stuff… Pink Panther) but needs it to be below 0.3 delta-9=, amber or lighter and usable in carts. I have super nice hemp terps that I can use to adjust viscosity & flavor. Anyone have info / advice / resources to point me in the right direction? As of now, my plan is to put raw flower in cold room with a dehumidifier on CO for a few days. Then immediately put in in the extractor and do a low temp low pressure extraction. Info is appreciated, as are y’all!

What’s the thc content on the biomass ?
Doubt it can be achieved to get low thc
And doubt you extract most of the noids if you don t decarb first

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Not sure about the efficiencies of decarbed vs non decarbed but I deff agree with @Roguelab on the thc content. Pink panther is almost definitely gunna end up hot in extract form (probably closer to 3% thca and more than likely above .3% d9)

A good solution might be just going after the terps from that flower and adding them back to a mix of t-free cbda,CBD, and CBC?

You’re mechanically seperated HTE may be hot as well though just a heads up :call_me_hand:

It’s a game of dilution

You can absolutely tune your extraction to give SOME oil that can be put straight into carts, but it will likely be ~1/3 of your total yield.

It’s ok if the THC-A is high. Just can’t have delta-9 over 0.3.

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Here is some solid parameters for a Subcritical run that you are looking for.

1250 psi @ 20 degrees C for extraction
575 psi @ 45 degrees C for separation

This is slow too so it will take several hours more than your typical supercritical parameters to get a good yield.

Also, not doing a terpene pull before hand will help with the viscosity. Otherwise, you can do a terp pull first and add it in the heavier fraction after.


Heres what works for our CO2 set up.

Smaller Terp/non decarb Run for CBDa, Separate oil and terps.

Decarb run, crash out CBD. Filter off anything that doesnt crash. Melt back down.

Combine all of the above at desired levels. Profit.

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