Possible serious health problems with pot use

Miami has really good weed. Cubans are pretty good at growing indoors at scale


Here in MIA, people been growing indoors and blowing up houses since the early 90’s. Literally like every other house was a grow house down here as i was going to school and growing up down here.

Not just Cubans, but the whole latin community has been growing dank in Miami before many states even knew what the word meant. What i like about here…is just about half of the city has moved west, and now sends back all their work which has just made the bomb local weed just dirt cheap. Herb in Miami is just as cheap as any legal market. maybe not as cheap as OR or WA but certainly cheaper than any east coast legal state. LOL


It’s the same in central florida with outdoors and greenhouse. Palm Beach and Broward have massive issues unfortunately with FPL and the Tri County task force. The research chemical craze was all due to overzealous policing and heavy penalties open a vacuum in the market for spice, bath salts and flocks.

So not all of florida has the dank. Ft myers and the surrounding area consumed chinese square packs for above 2k well into 2017. Broward and palm beach swear by low quality bud as well, a whole bunch of black ashes and vomitting to be had :rofl:


Pretty much why you only see miami black haze and our sour d cut on my instagram. Cause these cuts have been around forever. Been smoking black haze now for like 30 years.


Gotta love Miami!

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I have been suffering with CHS about a year. Sometimes relieved by hot showers…and then nothing for months. Personally I tend to think chemicals used to grow pot are the blame. Otherwise Jamaica would be over run with this syndrome. II realize this is going to be an anecdotal experience BUT after going to the ER with intractable pain. I was given a shot of Bentyl it took the pain from a 9.5 to a 5 and they sent me home. I could not sleep on 5 pain and was up all night. the next day my pain was a 3 . And the purpose of this post is to share what cured me in 2 hrs. I tried 2 gabapentin and the pain was totally gone. I think this syndrome is a irritated nerve and perhaps hot water does thwe same effect on nerve pain but Gagapentin will stop it. I will not smoke again for awhile and certainly no more gummies (which I was taking 4-5 a day. In conclusion if this syndrome hits you Bentyl, and anti nausea meds, and most importantly Gabapentin. ER’s and hospitals have no clue and worst of all there is a system wide belief that you dont give pain meds for ABD pain. Do yourself a favor if this syndrome hits you suggest in a non pushy way (Dr’s are touchy about being told what to do) that it has been suggested that Gabapentin might help. Good Luck I wonder if washing the pot with warm water and the drying it out. I don’t know if it is the chemicals but I had a suspician since day one that it was not THC but some other agent. And if all growers are using chemicals …Probably that is the cause…Good Luck

After researching Nerve pain and hot water relieving it I am sure (almost surely) CHS is a irraiated nerve how else could hot water give relief. Medicine has no clue. Pure pain alone can cause vomiting . On the up side Gabapentin is safe and was totally effective for me.

@indofab takes this for his back pain, he says it takes the edge off.

One thing my New England ass seems to have noticed in my time on this forum, apparantly I need to visit Miami


I use it for my neuropathy

Medically speaking cannabis is continuing to help my life. I’m high functioning autistic (aspergers) and I have a large amount of life frustration because I tend to get stuck on one thought and it causes a multitude of other issues if it gets bad. I’ve shut down from it days were wasted in bed and I’ve fell into depression many of times from it as well. It’s not fun.

Call it a wake and bake or getting stoned too early but for me after my morning piss I drop a nice amount of hash oil on my banger and for 6 hours my life is happiness and I’m able to focus on life and not everything that’s bothering me.
For some people it’s a medicine.


your life experiences match mine to the T there @GroovyOctopusLabs

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What works for you and what didn’t work as far as cannabis. ie smoking versus tinctures vs topical and Cbd vs thc vs CBG?

Do Tinctures work for you? I mean if you couldn’t smoke again during the day, say at work or out and about, could you use tinctures to keep you going? Do you use Thc or can Cbd or CBG help you?

Tinctures do work. I see more positive results from THC than CBD but have seen positive results from the strain Cherry Wine. I haven’t experimented much with CBD but I plan to do that more so next year. I plan on making personal use vape carts using bho and eho next year. I’ve found that strains high in thcv and cbn help a lot. I think thcv should be explored more.

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i get the best results from 3:1 THC to CBD


Well the issue is that you need medical marijuana instead of hemp. I wonder if you could be treated totally in the hemp space with some ratio of Cbd plus CBG, cbn, or delta 8. Some work to be done.

i should be getting some D8 soon to do both some personal r&d and business r&d so i’ll find out

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: old people stuck in there ways… smh. The world needs more help than cannabis can provide.