Possible alternative centrifuge to Panda Spinner. Looks too good to be true.

Whatsup gang,

I stumbled across what looks like an amazing deal. I know many people are using Hobart salad spinners as a centrifuge for bigger loads. I currently use two panda spinners and it for sure gets the job done but then I found this at a restaurant supply store near me and I’m wondering if I should scoop it up. Let me know what you guys think or if anyone has had experience with this specifically. If ya live in the area please don’t go snag it…

It normally retails for $2200 but is on sale for $300 used which is about the price of two Panda Spinners.

I don’t see anything


Is that intended to be a salad spinner??

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You’ll need to find out what the plastic basket is made from. The panda has a stainless basket so it etoh resistant. Also what rpm does the basket spin? Most don’t spin nearly as fast or create the g force of a panda


fab a basket for it not difficult.

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Looks like it’s only 400 rpm. Called the delfield tech support line.

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Yeah around 400rpm was all I got out of them as well. What if I doing 220 micron with a dick load of etoh and very little biomass??? I’ll stick to my spinners of the panda variety

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