Pope wiped film Evaporator distillation equipment

Item: Pope scientific wiped film Evaporator distillation equipment extras

I am working on getting a list of equipment. I have a YouTube walkthrough…


Anyone local or near should definitely come check out. Phoenix, AZ area. The flask are wrapped and packed in bins. Everything in the video is what I have. Not looking to piece out. Package deal.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Price: 35k

Pope 2" Distillation System, Accross International oven, Thermo Flex 1400 chiller, Heidolph Hei-VAP Value Rotary Evaporator (missing bath/bowl), Scilogex Homonigizer D-500, Julabo HE-4 Heating Circulator, vactec vacuum pump GVSP30, neslab rte-111 Circulator, Edwards Duoline pump, Sirman C9 Random hotplates and some other equipment and parts.

Do you still have this avail? I’m local and could look at it.