POPE WFE 2 Inch For Sale

Up for sale is a POPE 2 inch Wiped Film Evaporator. It is a turn key unit with everything you need EXCEPT FOR a vacuum pump. It also does not include the beaker and wrench dosing pump that is in the picture. Again, this DOES NOT include the Beaker and Wrench dosing pump, but will have the A&C Feed Flask that you see in the pic, as well as the dosing pump controller. You can either run it on a standard gravity feed, or if you want to add a dosing pump, you can buy just buy the motor from Beaker and Wrench and not have to buy the whole kit. The other thing not pictured that is included is the external condenser for collecting terpenes, as well as three Cole Parmer chiller/circulators and a Polyscience IP 60

As far as flasks go it will come with the cold trap flask, 2, 2 liter POPE flasks, and 2 other 2 liter flasks.

I will also include the spare parts kit that comes from POPE, as well as some spare parts I bought… Basically all the bushings and o rings that could possibly go out. I think it was like 600 bucks worth of spare parts. I can give an exact list of what is there if necessary.

I also just replaced all of the bushings, o rings, and seats in the motor shaft. I also recently replaced the wiper blades as well as the internal condenser. The pope has probably 15-20 hours of run time since all of the parts were replaced. Now it runs like brand new!

I had previously listed this unit for sale, but when I was taking it apart I noticed that both of the flanges on the still body oil jacket had been cracked due to being improperly tightened. I had the still body sent off to Adams and Chittenden to be repaired, so it is essentially brand new now too!

Comes with Polyscience IP-60 as well as these circulators:




It can be yours today for one easy payment of $26,999! :smile:

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Possibly interested lemme get to you in like three weeks

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Where are you located? What type of throughput were you getting on this?

Located in far Southern Oregon. I ran it low n slow about 200-250ml/hr. But I would set it up to run all night so I wasnt as interested in speed as I was quality and proper separation. You could certainly run it faster. I have associates who run theirs at upwards of 500ml/hr. Full disclosure they do run theirs with a diffusion pump.

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Finally got my new 6 inch Pope fully operational… So this one is now officially collecting dust! Ready to move it!


Whats the volume of the feed flask

It is the one made by Adams Chittenden, sold by Beaker and Wrench. I believe it is 5 liters.

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Is this still available?

is this unit still available?

what are you asking for the feed dosing pump?