Poor man's vacuum oven

Complete with a little bit of bubble splatter. The cup is a ptfe beaker 200ml. I was worried it might move around and didn’t want it setting directly on the bottom of the chamber hence the aluminum foil.

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If it works, I’m all for it

My first one was a Pyrex dish with a shiiittty ball valve drilled into it and weather strip to seal the edges then I would set it in warm water in my sink attached to a 1cfm pump. I think you are going in the right direction.


Well it isn’t quite as easy as I expected to get it out of the ptfe beaker, but probably easier than scraping the bottom of the reaction chamber. I guess either way I will have to use alcohol to get the last bit out :slight_smile: It does make it harder to see what’s going on when you are across the room. My buddy told me I should have a web cam set up so I can check on it…