ok its time to look at the problem at hand.

thankyou for all of the support I have received over the last week and offers of venture capital.

I am truly honored and touched (and a little more than helped :slight_smile: ).

one of the problems we face is the price of testing and when it comes to experimentation
without analysis we really know nothing when it comes to the legal market.

I would expect us all to get analysis on a suspect of success but how do we know what is successful
and what is not.

I have brought up the idea of optical rotation as a measure of success for both delta 8 and delta 9.

the device costs from $300 for manual up to $3000 to $30000 for digital devices.

I would like to with your input and help develop both a manual and a digital polarimeter and
method of pre analysis to allow field research without the overhead of continual testing.

hopefully we can make this device cheap enough to be expected in all cannabis operations.


Polarimeter references and links to sucessfull projects of DIY polarimeters

3D Printed Polarimeter

A high-resolution polarimeter formed from inexpensive optical parts

Polarimeter With RaspberryPi

An Inexpensive Homemade Polarimeter for Demonstration Use in the Classroom

a great explanation of how a polarimeter works with basic cheap filters to demonstrate.

love this one :slight_smile:

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it looks like $20 a camera a lab stand and a tablet or light source and we have a polarimeter.

ordering polarized film now :slight_smile:

could be done with just a cardboard tube a glass jar that fit in the tube and polarized film.

just hold to the light and rotate the bottom film to get angle.

ordered 5 iphone 4/4s polarized film filters.

cost me $10 aud at that price trust me where using a toilet roll :money_mouth_face:

due in a week to two.


so the measurements I need for the cylinder to make a 100ml volume with a 10cm height
are a radius of 178mm and a height of 100mm.
this works out funny enough to a 1.01 inch diameter so I am now on the hunt for a glass
or clear plastic cylinder that is 1 inch id

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thanx ill see if I can find a test tube like cyclinder with a flat bottom other wise I think if I have to
put a bottom on a tube ill use a black one so the light that has not been polarised around it
does not enter the tube.

If I can find the right test tube illl be painting it to stop it letting light into it.

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Is a flat bottom important?

not sure to be honest.
I would think that a round bottom would refract light would effect it.

plus my intention is to use a set pantone colour on my lcd screen of my tablet as the input light
to be polarised so a flat bottom means we can just sit it on top.

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I have a glass cylinder I use with my hydrometer that seems like it would be perfect. I’ll take measurements later today

thanx I am still looking though for a easy to purchase option.

but if you have one that would be great.

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I have a Polarimeter for sale with complete accessories and wooden box, DM me for pictures.