Podcast with graywolf



Hell yes!!! Listening now! Thanks for posting @anon16547145 thanks to @Graywolf and the modern extractor (can’t find his tag)


Was a great episode! Cool to hear this dude’s story. I started with his MK4 unit and retrofitted it with xtractor depot parts. Fun times.


I have to dedicate time to this one. I cant just randomly listen.

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I started with a barebones mk3 lid.


I keep trying to sign in or make an account but it won’t wtf fml!

You can listen on spotify or apple podcasts. Just look up “the modern extractor”. It’s the newest episode.

I just started and this guy is like the hydrocarbon Robin Hood. Fucking legend!


Built my first one from his plans only a lil bigger before the tamisium ever came out. Wow its been a long time, went to his spot urs ago back when they did it in the backyard and there was only 4 people and i think it was $50 if I remember right.


@The_Modern_Extractor :heart:


Yes! I’ve been in that back yard lab


What episode is the one with graywolf? The website is hard to navigate.

Hey @Franklin, I’m working on improving the website. (I’m an extractor that has had to figure out all this podcasting and website stuff…) Graywolf’s episode is the most recent episode, so It’ll be on the last page. It’s called ‘Bonus E02 - An oral history of hydrocarbon extraction’. The easiest way to listen is through a podcast player or spotify. Here’s a link in apple podcasts:


Also, here’s a link to the thread that I’ve been posting about the show on:


Is it on youtube?

Should really upload it to youtube if not

Not yet. I’ll get there eventually. It’s a podcast, so you can find it on any podcast player.

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Ahh, only wondering as I watch podcasts on my TV mostly.


I started with a copper tube and schwag. after doing acetone soak. but then i got a glass tube and it broke quickly… when i tried it first there wasnt bho it was honey oil. I tried it with acetone. I think butane was a secret still.


We started with plastic! :rofl: I remember getting it from an NYC headshop in 1999. It was an army green color and I have a faint memory of it having a bear on it. Mostly beasters went through that that tube, as high quality bud was 6k sometimes more!

Ive broke my share of glass blast tubes as well. Still have a nice thick one.

Looking forward to a closed loop system, but still learning.


I started cls with a mk3 lid :point_up:t2:. I started blasting 3 grams witha little hollowed out copper shell thing my friend made to show me how to extract with butane. Then moved up to one of those plastic or polypropylene honey bee extractors / open blasters with the whole pre boiled water and the Pyrex pan outside thing. Then said fuck it all I wanna try a stainless extractor so I got a closed column from bvv and after about 3 years of that I wanted to go closed loop so I leanered about triclamp parts and all that and went from there.


I learned a lot in Carla’s backyard, I think a lot of people here got their start there. That little lab got featured in Hightimes in 2013 and it’s crazy to see how far the industry has come in that time.

I’ve got a few of the old skunkpharm classes on DVD, maybe we can upload them somewhere for some nostalgia.