Please show a Newb to the "one thread to rule them all"



Hey errbody. First off , I gotta say, this site and community is the shit! It’s amazing the way knowledge is passed between one another. Like everyone is trying to help everybody succeed. It’s super refreshing. Not a lot of that condescending, macho bro-ish or crabs in a bucket mentality bullshit.
I’ve been an extractor for 6 or so years now so I’m familiar with elements of chemistry, physics, botany, and engineering that pertain to cannabis extractions. The reason I say this is because I have a foundation of concepts that I can build upon to learn. I’m expanding my repertoire into the SPD realm. There is a treasure trove of knowledge on this site, no doubt. It’s kind of daunting to search through it all!
My question is :
Is there one thread or series of threads that will take me through the tek from raw material to extraction, to winterization, to distillation, to finished product? (and any steps I left out in between) Almost like a how-to frame work?
I’m not trying to cheat or take the lazy route, I just do better with concise guidelines. I’d be very grateful for a point in the right direction, advice or any general nuggets of knowledge you’d care to throw my way …
Thanks a ton in advance !


The thread would probably be hella long as there are numerous of ways to extract thc from the plant then refining it ihas so many and still evolving ways. Maybe you can try a consultant if you don’t have time or feel like using your time. Using the search bar helps a ton when focusing on one subject. You say you have 6 years in extracting so maybe you already have some kind of oleo resin to work with now just got to test it and see what amount of thc you can distill out of it.


Nope not one thread but there is threads on each
…try the search bar… You’ll see the ones where ppl give answers quic
Distalition gonna be hardest of all if u ask me

Otherwise this thread may be 3k post long like the clear Tek thread


By testing do you mean try it out or lab testing ?


Labs. He means test your crude to see your starting % and then test after distillation to see what you got out of it.