Please help a newbie with calculations

Please help a newbie out. We got 1kg of crude that was 60% CBD. SPD was run and we got out about 500ml. However the SPD destroyed the CBD and test results came back with 9% CBD whereas 80-85% cbd was expected.

They want to add CBD Isolate (99%) to the 500g of distillate to bring up the cbd content to 80-85%. Can someone please help me with the calculations? How many grams of isolate should be added to the 500ml to get a 80-85% cbd content.

If you currently have 500g of distillate measured at 9% CBD, you have 45g of CBD. Lets target the middle of your range at 82.5% CBD. we can set up an equation where .825(x+500)=45+x where x is the mass of isolate you will add (this is assuming 100% CBD but your range isn’t that tight so whatever. Solve that out and you need to add 2100g of isolate to get 2600g of ~83% “distillate”.

I think you’ll notice that really you are just diluting isolate with you distillate to bring the potency down.


Unless the spd burnt the oil or you isomerized it to Delta 10 THC and Delta 9 the the CBD is not destroyed, just in a different place. Did you save the distilled fractions and those are 9% or what’s left in the boiling flask is 9%?

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Thank you! That helps. So its not worthwhile going that route?

I was told it was burnt. I dont know much about SPD so I’m not sure. I will have to ask.

That depends on how much you’re getting paid for the distillate and how much the isolate is costing you. Honestly I wouldn’t bother and some customers might get a bit bent up on getting a “distillate” which is just iso cut down with isomerization products. As @broken_glassware said, that CBD didn’t disappear, so it’s somewhere in some form that may or may not be CBD. If that other form is CBN/delta 8 and your client is expecting a completely non-psychoactive product they might be in for a bit of a surprise.

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well if they handed you 1kg of crude that they wanted distilled, and you handed them back 2600g of distillate…


Thank you for your help. I will ask the person who did the SPD. Maybe he be able to help.

Yup, doesn’t make sense.

I would hire the shit outta that toll processor!


haha. Appreciate the help guys. Thank you.

Why wouldn’t you just add the 99% isolate by weight to bring the % to 83? 375g represents 75% of the 500g 9% distillate she has. By weight adding 375g of 99% isolate would give her 84% wouldn’t it?

yeah no.

that would give
500 + 375 = 875grams of “stuff”
(0.09 x 500) + (375 x 0.99) = 416mg of CBD

=> 47% CBD.

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the SPD is probably not responsible for destroying your clients CBD. It may well be a contributing factor, but the operator is the one that really deserves the credit…

as other have said, the cannabinoids are in there somewhere. it’s certainly possible that you’re no longer looking at CBD. it’s even possible the lab got it wrong. in addition to getting the material retested, I’d suggest posting a copy of the chromatogram. if there are unidentified peaks on there, it might be worthwhile finding a lab that can identify them. it will certainly be more worthwhile than handing back 2600g of diluted Isolate :wink:

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this is what i really wanted to comment… credit where credit is due!