Plant/ Flower pics

I’ve been very lucky where I’m at currently and haven’t had any pest problems. Aside from these little nematode worm things in my reservoirs and clone cups that I can’t seem to get rid of. But over the years I had all kinds of crazy pest problems. Spider mites, aphids, leafhoppers, caterpillars lol.

Half a mosquito dunk in a sock will take out any kind of larvae. Some of them chew on roots which can lead to root rot.

My flowering girl is in a 5 gallon dwc, my vegging girl is in a 3 gallon dwc, and all my other girls are in cups with hydroton that I water like any regular plant. Half a mosquito dunk you say?? Is that safe? And in such small reservoirs do you think less than half would do? Thanks btw.

Sure, a quarter of one would work. Replace it every few weeks. If you use a sock, use a white one not a black one. Place it so that it doesnt wick up water and drip over the side. The dunks crumble over time. They are a bti bacteria, harmless to people and plants.


. Different sundae driver starts



im pretty clueless on legal testing. Do they let you just send in the dankest single top nug of a grow? Or is it somehow averaged? How in the world is that supposed to be real?

Planet of the grapes. Not very grapey at all, just smells like typical dank. Very good stuff though. The only grapey strain I’ve ever run that was actually grapey was grape ape. That shit smelled and tasted like straight grape now and laters.


ive never been a huge fan of grapey/dark berry stuff. I ran like 5 kinds of grape pie crosses and no go. but i did hold onto some grapey subcool gear for over a year. I forget its name.

I like the grape stuff if it actually tastes and smells like grape. I’m a fan of those funky/fruity/almost rotten smelling strains. They’re usually super good.


im a drunk so i need some up in my weed. I like tropical or kushy is always ok.

Some of the nomenclature on strains is ridiculous. Looks, smells, and tastes nothing like what it’s called.


i could /maybe will get a job as a budtender. But ill be honest and get fired. there is no such thing as sativa.

nobody is growing sativa. its hybrids its gotten so bad that most sativa strains dont even have narrow leaves or long flowereing times??? thats like saying i have a big black dick but when i show it its like 5 and brown

Bruce Banner x Jelly Breath, my own f1 cross.


That looks great man!!! Are you parting with any seeds?

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Thank you. I didnt save a cut of this one and I’m down to just a few seeds, so I’m holding on to them. I still have a couple thousand jelly breath, though. It seems to cross really well.


Purple purple purple…


Crescendo 2.5 weeks into flower. It looks like it will probably yield nice, but as far as trich formation it’s not looking that great compared to previous strains I’ve run. Some stuff the moment it starts flowering it immediately looks frosty.


had a cold snap. seemed to have done ok with it.
got a week of rain on the way. will see how it does with
that. so whole plant then 2 bud shots.