Pink CBD Isolate In Solution

I found an old sample tincture bottle I was sent from a company we order edibles from and saw that it had turned pink. It was water clear when I first got it. It’s a 1,000mg CBD Isolate tincture in MCT oil, no other flavorings or additives. Anyone know what causes this? I’d love to know in order to avoid this problem when I’m making my own isolate. I remember getting a similar pink hue to my tincture as well when I mixed CBD isolate from another vendor with etoh to spray onto other edibles I was putting together. Here’s a pic below.

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It might have oxidized. That would be my guess

Ah, now that I think about it, the other isolate tinctures that do not do this are in amber bottles. Likely a reaction to light exposure. I’m still a bit confused as to why I get an almost instant pink color when mixed with etoh? Not all isolate I have mixed does this. Just the most recent batch we received from a new vendor.

could also be residual solvents reacting with the MCT

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That’s exactly what I was worried about with the ethanol tincture. Especially since it seems to only happen with this new isolate.

If you are looking for new vendors for your isolate, we are producing about 10-20 a week of super quality stuff with no residual solvents.

If you want to give me a call I might be able to help you



We just ordered another kilo from our old vendor. Though it is a company I really don’t like doing business with, it wasn’t my call. I’ll keep you in mind when we’re ready to put in another order. DM me your company name so I can bring you up next time. I’d much rather we give our business to members of this community.

My name is Kylan

I’m with Steve’s Goods

Personal #: (970)420-8186


I’ve seen CBD react to pH shifts in a similar way - pink, magenta, then purple. Happened when we were cleaning flasks of old CBD Distillate with iso + sodium hydroxide. Maybe whatever is in the tincture is reacting to the UV and degrading causing a pH shift ? :thinking:


I don’t believe that the color would necessarily mean it has degraded.

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That reaction is not necessarily caused by the isolate being used. That pink concentration happens when the MCT is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.


Ahhh, I also had this happen and was very confused.