Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



And if it’s packable this would slow down the vapor path and allow for better separation for such a big bore column on a small boiling flask.

Im leaning towards a 45/50 straight head myself that I can put some packing in for small runs




I wouldent add packing to that head, the vig section takes up too much space for that.
The column would be “flooded” and your seporation would be poor.


I’m getting these 2 mixed up. The smaller vigreux area head is not 45/50 joint it’s 34/45

it looks packable and possibly a better head than the 45/50 head overall. In my search for 1 china head to rule them all from maybe 500ml up to 5L even. ha

24/40 on top could use a thermowell adapter for taking vapor temp. 29/42 at the drip tip and 34/45 main Joint, it looks pretty large ID all the way through. and the 24/40 joint on top is a nice big opening to stuff media into.


yes one is packable, the other isn’t.


The one with the three different sized joints is funky! Thats alot of different joints going in there!


lol well i guess we get what we pay for! uniformity is not a strong suit of these cheap chinese heads

Is the consensus here that distribution valve and single collection flask is better than a cow and multiple collection flasks?

Doing a short path run tomorow.. smell question

Hell yeah, smoke them if you’ve got them!


You guys have me wondering if I have the right size head now… I have this one:

It’s the V1 head, but doesn’t have any info on what size flask it will work with. I’m assuming I’m ok with my 1L flask…


your fine @munkdooligan. We are on the chinese cheap path…your set with your american head. LOL


Lol bro I’m just deciphering as much as I can with the cheap ass Chinese heads. That ls head is in a different league


Have you figured out what you’re going to use for the thermometer adapter for the BF and head yet?


Yup! I have a 4-channel data logging thermocouple thermometer.

The Craigslist package came with a chemglass inlet adapter, which I intend to use at the BF with this K-type thermocouple probe I ordered: https://www.amazon.com/T-PRO-Sheathed-Thermocouple-0-1000℃-Compensating/dp/B074375LJR/ref=sr_1_16?rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1547443993&sr=8-16&keywords=thermocouple+probe+k+type+stainless&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011

Thinking I’ll seal it tightly with PTFE. I also got this K-type thermocouple wire to put between the flask and the mantle: https://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Prime-TL0700-Thermocouple-Thermometer-Temperature/dp/B01MU29Q3Z?ref_=bl_dp_s_web_9751332011

And then for the head I got this ptfe adapter and thermocouple probe:

And finally I got this totally unnecessary probe for the cold trap because I had a free channel on the thermometer lol:


@Killa12345 @square_root_pharms Ok cool, thanks for the reassurance lol. I tend to worry about the details of things… good thing I’m in a legal state and have easy access to quality cannabis :rofl:


Ahh, thanks for that. That PTFE head adapter looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. :+1:


What is the best way to connect gl lines? Will PTFE tape and an appropriate hose clamp suffice?


they should have a sealing gasket at the face, no tape is needed.

A small hose clamp or twist of wire is usefull to retain the hose.


Dont twist too tight, you’ll break a GL glass joint very easily.

I’m special.


I’ve broken the plastic ring like that too!


Great thanks! Yet another thing to buy haha