Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



Thanks @Cryo13!


Man I love your mantle . Plus great job on your run :+1:


Thanks @Thedawg. I really liked using a variac instead of a PID. The blue line is the temp between the glass and the mantle, which never really got much above 300C. The variac basically sat at 60 volts the whole time.


Man I know your glass is Top Tier with a LS head however not only am I digging on your Variac. I am also loving your data logging system. Care to share your build please :+1:


Wow when I 1st came on this site I wondered why their wasn’t any LHO threads now I know. Man what a lengthy process only to produce something that not smoke able without yet more steps. So after many searchers I came to the conclusion that I would ask you if you had any cart recipes for d-limonene as after 50 hours in the food dehydrator this is what I have. 14.3 grams not bad for trash that contained no bud only leaves and stems.


How hot have you taken the oven while trying to get the Limonene out?

I’m not sure. I know a few years or so ago before everyone could get disty we would use it to thin out dewaxed shatter for carts. Very citrus’y.

Don’t let that stuff get on your gloves. There’s a reason hospitals use it to disinfect everything.


46c in the oven. My thoughts were to do a hot bath at 135c for the finial purge then mix in about 20% thinner. Am I Close??


You can take it up to 55-60c unless you want to decarb as well. But that’s too hot. I would get it down to being fairly thick and make some edibles or something.


@Thedawg I’ll post a detailed build and a summary of my results once I get my data back.

In the meantime, this is the thermocouple I used. It records data to an SD card:
AZ Instruments 4 Channel K Type Thermometer SD Card Data Logger Thermocouple Temperature + 2 Bead Type K-Thermocouple Probe https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M9Z3JJ8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_rQKyCbMRBPF6D


That’s one more tool to add to my list of things to buy. I already shot my wad for this month buying a cold trap with 24/40 female joints and a 24/40 glass vacuum valve adapter or a single cow. I’m hoping to have everything bought by May. Until then I will live vicariously threw yall’s victory’s :sunglasses::+1:


So I went with Goldleaf Scientific for my distillation head, linked below. I ordered the raschig rings to pack it with, but I’m wondering if I should have ordered the glass beads instead. Does anyone have a preference between the two packing materials?


I have the rings. Never seen the beads used


Thanks for that. I’m wondering if those rings will make it through that bend in the head… I guess I’ll find out soon enough though.

Also, I ended up ordering the Lab Society vacuum gauge, but I’m unsure on how to connect it to a KF16 fitting. I ordered a KF25 to KF16 tee to hook up just after the valve, and was assuming the gauge came with the necessary parts, but I guess not. Anyone know where I can get the necessary parts? I emailed LS about it, but I think I may be misunderstanding the customer service rep. His email was as follows.

“No this unit does not come with those parts you simply use a vacuum clamp and clamp hosing around the end of the sensor, inorder for you to do a KF connection on that unit you would have to buy a new sensor and have it sent into digivac for recalibration, if you were to do this then it would be able to use a KF connection. But this one does not come with kf connections.”

“Sorry i miss spoke you will use a hose clamp with the tube around the end of the sensor.”


Rasichg rings work beter than beads in My opinion
They pass more vapor and fraqtionate (reflux) Nice
Beads do the trick to but are harder to keep in place let less vapor treu and
Tend to leave vapor paths When not evenly packed


@Roguelab @Terppin Is their an advantage to running a packable head vs one with a preset number of vigreux’s?


The smaller 4-6mm raschig rings offer high throughput and random packing similar to beads. There are stainless, copper and other materials as well as rings with inner fins and such.


Packable means you can adjust the reflux within the column a not packable doesn’t have this degree of adjustability


Hey brother you making any headway on your custom SPD quote. As I would love to have your Head in a 24/40 platform


Not yet buddy my indoor grow expansion is eating up all my budget lately lol


When not packed but pre set You can t play
I try to separate CBN and Need reflux
So i can play with pakking
Packable Gives another advantage
Of making a last cleanup step
Like copper scrubies Maybe work for sulfur entrapping
I think that in the future more of these
Clean up pakking Will be Found
Maybe Molecular sieves 10 a
Etc etc