Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



When it your microns start to climb, you will be entering the tails. I believe, someone can correct me if I am misquoting @munkdooligan


Thanks @Dred_pirate. Should I try to keep the mantle temp constant throughout the body?


I believe you’ll want to slowly raise it at some point. @Roguelab could tell us


That makes sense. The reflux on this vigreux is awesome :grinning:


As long as things are gooing No Need to raise once You see the amount of reflux droping You can slowly raise by. 5C at a time
Don t wait for reflux to deplete completly


IT might happen but not necceraly If good cleanup has been done of crude 80% cannabinoids or more then temp and colorchange can also give tails away
Often i see in the tails violente boils (bumps) that stain the glass orange until iT all drips down back in the botom of the flask


The volume cleu is a good one to
I always save My tails so whenever i reach sufficiënt volume i run iT again
So i start tails early for i know nothing is lost


Great, thanks for that information @Roguelab. Based on this info I think I’m still going to collect on the body a bit more, but switch to tails maybe a little early since i can add it to my remaining crude.


Amazing vacuum by the. Way
Great job :clap::clap:


Thanks @Roguelab, I learned a lot from your contributions to this site!


It looks like you have it figureD out Great job. These guys are great


I always switch early, save the remains for next batch. Rather be safe than sorry


Switched to tails!


Congratulations. Shit looks fire. This place is just chalked up will distillation successes. Welcome to the club @munkdooligan


And you got down to that micron with that awesome hose plug. I love it.

I can’t wait to post my first pass


Congrats!! I’ll hopefully be picking up some crude myself this week from the vendor you listed. Thanks for that. Are both of those flasks your main fraction?? Was there no heads fraction collected?


Very nice looking. I wish I had found this place sooner. I have increased my daily reading considerably and it has helped me in all areas


@coppertop yeah the heads were already collected so this was kind of like a second pass. I only had some vapors that made it to the cold trap, but very little. So those two should both be body. I’m going to pay for some tests, from crude to each of the flasks and maybe a second pass and I’ll post it here.

@Dred_pirate that tube plug is a product of usps not being able to deliver to my apartment! I went to the post office where my caps were being held this morning and they wouldn’t let me take them! Excited to see your run!


So I tripped the breaker right at the end, but it was pretty much done it seemed anyways, so I’m now cooling down. I have quite a bit left in the flask. It has been under heat for about 7 hours. I have about 350 ml of crude left to run. Should I add the contents of this RBF to the crude and tails for that run? Or is this no good at this point?


Good job! That looks fire congratulations on the successful run!