Name: Bryan Boscia
Company Name: Boscia Scientific Consulting
Contact Info: 541-606-7905
Location: Eugene, OR
Team Size: 1

Services Offered: cannabis chemistry & engineering support
Rates, if public: 500/hr phone, 1k/day on-site (+travel expenses), flat fees for all training topics starting at 1500 for general assistance to 3-5k for specialties, rates negotiable
States Available in: all USA and international
Insured?: NA (no federal backing)
OLCC Workers Permit?: Yes


Can I hire you for 1 hour of phone consultation. I have a THCa salt sop, and we are substituting an ingredient.

I’d like to speak with you for 30 min or so this or tomorrow afternoon prior to the start of the experiment, then the remaining 30 after we conclude the experiment.

I would pay for the full hour, up front.


Of course, though the way you want to do it is precisely what I did to yield those orange sea-urchin crystals about a year ago. :wink:


Good afternoon. I’m interesting in hiring you to provide assistance in converting cbd into delta 8 & 9 thc. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you. Jerry


Dear sir
In a tread we are dicusing saturation point of ethanol
When a different question poped up
If a ethanol extract with thc gets frozen say -115C what happens
Maybe. You know do the ethanol ice cristals push out the oil ?
Thx in advanced
Sorry for the bad english writing You from the netherlands


I really don’t know because I have not tested it yet.


O You wizard of wizards
Guess there is something on your to do list :grinning:
I am afraid dropping a bottel in liquid nitrogen is going to freeze to fast to have separations If any
Do You agree
Thx and keep up the good work


I reposted a chart of vegetable oil solubility in various alcohols a while back. That chart could probably help you.


So… how did it go? I suspect it just froze solid, then started to microemulse as water vapor condensed onto the solid and dissolved into the resin-bearing ethanol.


I didn t even try the nitrogen for i am sure that won t work
As i am in Holland there is only one adres Where i can get iT at a minimum of 25 liters
I am searching for a -150C freezer once found i Will give iT a shot
Doing lab hobby s here is really though
Under the counter and internet orders that take forever is My play ground


Well, you’re not likely to find a -150°C freezer that does not operate using liquid nitrogen, but you can get to -120°C on cascade refrigeration, alone. If you want super cold refrigeration, you should look into reverse Stirling systems utilizing Helium for cooling and circulating the heat to it with ethane. However, I see no need to go that cold for these purposes.