Pharmaco Phuckery

In case anyone doesn’t know already,
Pharmaco, formerly known as Pharmaco Aaper, has decided to take a giant shit on all the distributors that helped them make money in the cannabis space.

Carbon Chemistry does not distribute Pharmaco products but many of the solvent sellers in our industry do. Those sellers had special supply arrangements with Pharmaco to remain competitive with companies like Carbon Chemistry who buy in bulk, pack down for lab use, and pass on savings.

Pharmaco saw their distributors making money and thought, “what if we stop supplying our distributors and sell direct?”…so they did. With no thought or investigation they just hopped right in, selling at MSRP. They like to impress folks with the size of their organization…AKA the giant overhead that keeps their prices elevated (I know because we have used their cheapest pricing tier as our wholesale benchmark when we also have the lower Bulk/Distributor tier).

I hope that in 2019 we will get the chance to point out this shameless dick move while also continuing to offer pricing that beats a $3bil company. They made this move to reap money from the cannabis industry…end of story. The distributors they used to supply listened to your needs, adjusted inventory as the market changed, and supplied non-Pharmaco products also used in processing like glassware and filter paper.

Over the next few months I hope that this story will gain traction. Pharmaco is holding corporate conferences to teach suited salespeople how to “speak stoner”. Fuck these guys.


woah, what a dick move! I have been wondering about this, thank you for the clarification, I will spread the word. I would rather support companies like CC over mega corps like PA whenever feasible.

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Thank you for your support.

We will be creating working relationships with as many people affected by this model change as possible.

If anyone is in Denver on Jan 25th, we are having an IndoExpo party at Tetra Lounge cohosted by @710Spirits which is a good example of the above in action.

Contact @710Spirits or @CarbonChemistryLTD on IG for tix.


How can I get Tix to the conferences?
I’m pretty good at crashing lame parties.


DM @carbonchemistryltd or @710Spirits on instagram.

You can smoke at the lounge and we should have new shirts available.


I just realized the date. Not gonna work for me…
Maybe I send minion wooks🤔

EDIT: I think we misunderstood each other. I was asking how I can get tickets to the “how to speak stoner” conferences. I don’t wanna crash your party. Maybe some other booths😉

Can I order a shirt regardless? Sending DM…