Pesticides in cbd crude

Hey everyone,
Recently we had a batch of our crude test positive for Bifenthrin & CHLORANTRANILIPROLE, I’ve been told these pesticides can not be distilled out or even removed through chromatography, if true this is a major problem, and the batch is garbage? Even testing at 55%? any insight is appreciated. Thanks


Those look nasty indeed

@Shadownaught would magsil work for these?

They might be removed by the isolation, not sure.

Hey bluegrass,

Based on the very preliminary research I’ve done, I believe chlorantraniliprole should be removed by distilling. It won’t evaporate at WFE/SPD temperatures/pressures, so it should remain is your residue. Can’t really help you for Bifenthrin. Have you done any remediation trials? Would love to hear the results.