Pesticide Remediation


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To be fair though, getting the THC community to use flash has been a nightmare. That’s why we offer so many absorbents that work well cross-platform. GW uses a “specialty resin” that costs $50k/Kg even when ordering from Asia…and it doesnt do anything massively different than C18.


You’ve sent me stuff to play with on the flash chroma ive ran before.

Biotage just wants these medias to be sold to people whome have relarionships with them directly.

The resins from them are modified resins, which all serve a specific purification purpose. Some bind to lipids. Some bind to chlorinated molecules. Etc…


Yeah, that makes business sense.

Thank you for informing about their research papers. There are plenty of bits that identify the direction they went in for the resin modifications.


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great info, so the use of 10a (or 13x is the same I think?) molecular sieve beads should help with remediation of chlorfenapyr and chlorpyrifos? and any major down side to this desiccant besides potential for additional cannabinoid losses? thanks for any insight.


Did you ever get this issue resolved?