Pesticide Remediation


we have a pretty good procedure and have been trying to line up partner to a JV on this. But so far haven’t found any serious partners. Just people trying to get info for free


I can potentially take this on.


@nlgoodman510 Not sure if you are replying to my original post in this thread but if you are please send me a DM.


I agree with putting pressure on the growers to stop using these pesticides. I am a long time commercial cultivator (with a science degree) and have been able to achieve pest and pathogen free grows by pushing certain key trace minerals (Mo, Co, Ni, B for starts) and keeping macro nutrients just hovering above threshold amounts, monitoring sap and tissue analysis, and paying particularly careful attention to N and K management. I am not hiding key information or charging big money for it on a forum, most of these big grows don’t listen to me anyway, so I might as well talk shop with real scientists on a forum and not a bunch of business men that could careless about science.

Plenty of shit material on the market, it would certainly help keep market prices higher if all the dirty material had to actually be quarantined and destroyed. Sadly, “destroyed” for most NorCal or Southern OR growers just means sending it to the east coast.

But people do pay me big bucks to fix their grows, so what do I know?


oh man… the stuff growers do. Recently I had to convince one to put the condenser part of the split system outside! They had rooms built in a warehouse with the ac condensers inside the 100*f+ warehouse. Hows that for efficency?


Haha thats a good one! That is basically like putting a window ac unit on the floor and plugging it in right?


pretty much, it was hot growroom exchanged to stagnent hot warehouse made of metal with no insulation or ventalation in the 100+ daytime temps.


Sadly I have seen far worse. An electrician buddy and myself got called to a grow once that was bypassing their subpanel to theirbwarehouse unit to get more power. Somehow they were pulling more amps than their service. The conduit serving their warehouse unit was damn near glow in the dark from heat resistance!

I’ve seen guys that spray Merit on the leaves less than a week before harvest, because they had root aphids!?! Why didn’t they just treat the roots? Probably because they let it get so bad, that the root aphids were getting to their flying life stage.

Some other guys I used to know recommended spraying abemectin at 7 weeks in flower as an insurance policy.

I could go on for days about unscrupulous and unsavory practices I have seen. Sometimes I wonder why there are not MORE cases of cancer linked to certain chemicals used at grows.

So glad that we are entering a period of robust testing and analytics! I don’t smoke anything anymore if I don’t know the garden, I’ve seen too much!


Dood, Exposure to UV removes Pyrethrins from flower, just get some party lights when you are drying.


UV just degrades pyrethrins into something else currently undetectable. Better to just avoid the use all together.


I know of a facility that would pay you $200,000K for the permethrin remediation process, and potentially offer you a partnership with them. They do about 100 kg a week. I’m not sure if that’s something you’d be interested in, but they are definitely interested in paying for your process. Are you seriously interested in selling your IP?


I wouldnt be interested in selling IP, but I would happily contract with them.


Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative to using a 50L reactor for saline washes in remediation? I just purchased a LS remediation kit but do not have the budget to buy a reactor currently. Any advice on set up would be much appreciated!


PBO isn’t going to come out in a water/saline wash, it’s not hydrophilic enough to leave the non-polar solvent layer. Some kind of chromatography method would be the only way.

The reason it’s so common is that it is in bug bombs and I know of large commercial grows that set off bug bombs in their flower houses as part of their regular IPM. Yeah it’s gross and it happens.


I am currently dealing with a batch that tested hot for PBO and found some interesting reading material. The link above mentions that PBO leaches through sandy soils but not through loamy soils. Maybe there is a way to mix sandy and clay medias in a column to achieve a loamy consistency? I have not done column work before but this seems feasible. What do you guys think? @Shadownaught @Soxhlet @cyclopath @Future

I’ve also seen mention of it’s half-life being brought down drastically by exposure to sunlight and UV. Anybody experimented with this? I know it sounds like an oxidation nightmare but maybe putting the jar under a grow light for 48-72 hours would degrade it enough?


You are going to need some sort of cromatography here, probably a way to test your results also.


Mag Sil PR and 10A mol sieve beads are going to be your go to materials. The sieve beads absorb chlorinated compounds and Mag Sil PR takes care of most other pesticides. Both are used in column chromatography so like @Soxhlet says, you’re gonna need to get column gear.


FYI, Mag Sil PR, and Mol Sieves wont even dent PBO, it will likely CONCENTRATE the PBO further.

Having done extensive research regarding PBO and other tough to remove pests, reverse phase using specific polymer based resins is the only way to remediate those tough to remove pesticides.


10A mol sieve attracts the chlorine portions of chlorinated pesticides. Several customers have shown drastic reduction after using 10A as a column top layer. We normally focus Mag-Sil use for myclo remediation.

Reverse phase is the way to go in most cases if you can afford it. We source C18 resin, which resin have you found the most success with?


I was part of some early on industry applied r&d using Rensa resins from Biotage.

You should see a research article in a few weeks/months released, from biotage’s applications specialist, regarding which resins are most effective. These resins are only available to specific clients of Biotage. Dont even try to order them as a random person :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::yum::slight_smile:.