Pesticide Remediation Needed


We have almost 2000 grams of live resin that just failed for Diazinon . First of all what cannabis product is used that this fails for?

Also we need a consultant for pesticide remediation. How hard is this to remove ? Is there anything I can do? This is a state approved facility so to say the least we are quite upset. Growers failing to disclose and leaves us hanging.

Thanks in advance


I will let you know what my remediation guy says. The total you have is 2k g’s?


How many G’s exactly do you have?


I’m curious. In a situation like this, does the material that you ran contaminate your extraction equipment?


That is certainly the safest assumption.

And you should suspect your solvent too.

Swab, decontaminate, swab. Send swabs out for testing, along with solvent sample (if possible).


sorry to hear!

For this very reason I’ve started asking for the COA of the extract made from their cultivated material and the most common response I get is that they dont have means of extraction and cant provide. I’ve worked with plenty of cultivators and happily share the COA’s of the extract made from their material. If their material fails my standards, I still share the info - just not the COA.

So ultimately, my presumption is that if they cant provide any COA’s of extracts made from their material, its dirty. Doesnt help with popularity but i just chalk it up as risk management and avoid potential headaches


It’s the only way to purchase clean product. Clean flower means nothing nowadays.


Another option is to do a pilot extraction and get it tested at their expense.

That wee glass tube from once upon a time is still a useful tool…


Give me a job i can help


Very true…

I’ve met enough cultivators whose mentality essentially was “who cares, you’re going to clean it up in your lab anyways”. Didnt sit well with me and feel theres a lack of accountability on the cultivators side.

I take the time and attention to make sure anything that leaves my lab is safe for human consumption. I decided to push that task back onto the cultivators in an attempt to hold them more accountable as I feel not enough are taking these things into consideration before opening/attempting to open their product to the market

Definitely not opposed to your suggestion - just explaining the method to my madness :sweat_smile:


great point. sample extractions are key until we can only deal with state licensed growers.


aprox 1g possibly 2k+ depending on this next test , all live resin


I always test any flower we purchase personally. Multiple samples of the flower homogenized as good as possible and multiple tests done.

If there’s even trace amounts of ANYTHING it does not touch the equipment and gets sent right back with a warning that a second failed sample will lead to an abrupt end in our business relationship. They are warned of this prior to any sale made.

People still try to sell us dirty herb.


Are you licensed in California? Would love the chance to earn this business. Remediation consulting is available if you contact me on Instagram at this name


Are you in Michigan? If so, DM me and we can talk about working together on this. I’m currently working on this issue myself.