Pesticide Remediation needed S. Oregon

Hello Everyone,

I just had some distillate that came out dirty for myclo, bifenazate, and piperonyl butoxide. I have a good amount that needs to be remediated. Does anyone know some skilled people that do remediation in the area? Thanks!

I am still looking for good pest remediation services. There has got to be someone in Oregon that can be recommended. I would love to connect!

I’m not in Oregon, but I’ve had good luck on experiments remediating bifenazate using LLE (sep funnel) and one fluke experiment where exposure to a point blank grow light reduced a sample from 75 to 3 ppm (not ideal though).

I’ve heard positive stories about LLE and Chromatography for Myclo, but piperonyl butoxide is a nut I have yet to crack. I’m sure someone has done it though.

That’s a semisynthetic analog of saffron.

It’s only in there because it enhances the bifenazate. Interesting.



I’ve seen greenhouse foggers that are a blend of bifen and piperonyl.

Makes sense. It has no pesticidal activity of its own. It usually assist in enhancement of specific groups.

Are you still looking for remediation consulting and help?

I have two 6 liter sep funnels but I also have about 30-40L I need to remediate. I have used them for degumming and saline washes before but it would take me a month to wash that much without a reactor. The main issue for me is that I do not have any sort of chromatography column. I have a hochstrom filter and a BW pressurized filter which I was thinking about doing some experiments with… Filling them with magsil or florisil and trying to do some ghetto chromatography… However, that could get expensive really quickly with no promise of actually removing anything except money from my wallet

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Yes I am. I would prefer to actually find a person or service to do it, because ideally I would like to get this stuff remediated so it can be moved. From my very limited knowledge of pesticide remediation, in order to do the amount I am trying to do would be very costly and I would have to purchase a reactor, as well as chromatography columns and even then the trial and error would be very expensive with no guarantee of success.

All that to say, I am open to any and all options!

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That’s good you have some decently sized sep funnels, but 30-40L is quite a bit to remediate. I’m not so sure about pesticide remediation with the filtration setup you have, I don’t think you’ll have the required column length, but it doesn’t hurt to try for the sake of knowing. Maybe this is the chance to do some tinkering and come up with a new LLE that no one has used before? My thought on on the money, research is not cheap for sure, but it’s always served me well to keep experiment micro sized before validation. This is the little column I use for just that:

Do washes and chromatography at micro scale, keep excellent notes, and then scale up. is your friend.

I have a very efficient LLE extraction system that will work well for this scale. DM me I will be in Medford at the beginning in December but I am working on a deal where I will be LLE winterizing 170L of raw warm ethanol crude using the equipment on some rented lab space and equipment and may be able to run yours next, in finalizing details tomorrow.

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