Pesticide Remediation, Hemp Oil

Hello all,

Would any of you be interested in having routine access to a Remediation lab? I’m in a ‘unique’ spot where I have high-end testing equipment going unused and have a Chemist with not much to do while we wait for the government to get its act together.

We can remove just about anything you want from your hemp oil and separate them out. We will be more exact than your traditional Chromatography methods as we have a mass spec to rapidly test exactly where certain contaminants are within the oil.

Let me know if you are interested in Pesticide Remediation.


Where are you located?

Oregon, we have a couple offices. Either Portland or Newport.

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you have an office in Newport? Do you work with bho?

Yes, only if it’s Hemp.

Feel free to give me a call 503-572-9011

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Got a number or email?


I have approx 180 Liters of hemp/cbd distillate with COA that needs remediation and more to come soon. Are you still providing this as a service?