Personal thoughts about what happen in USA recently in this industry

I’ve been paying attention to news in this industry recently, and the increased deaths of Vaping and Trump’s announcement have caused a little panic in the industry.

Although the real cause of death is because of vitamin E, many people are beginning to afraid the counterfiet of the market.

As a supplier to from china, i have somthing to share.there is no doubt that the CBD industry is gold rush now and more and more people try to enter this filed.I always received inquiry asking about vape cart and one i quotate they always said why price is high and others can offer in the price such as $0.6-$0.8.

To be honest, I am not surprised at this price, and I know that there are companies in China that can offer this price. But often this product will cause some problems once it leaves the market. As long as the money is paid, they usually don’t care about your appeal anymore.You pay what you got.
I often hear people complain that the products they buy from China are bad,poor quality.

Some people are directly looking for the lowest price products. I don’t know if these low-priced products have been purchased by unlicensed black market merchants.

Challenge always means chance.the market will be more standardized in the future. Those who sell clones will get worse and worse, and it will get better and better in the middle and high end.

And hope China goverment can clear those counterfiet producer ,make the world more clean.


If you are looking for high quality products, you‘d better’ to look for some reliable suppliers who’s price is not he best but they have professional production lines, clean workshops, strict quality control, and various simulation testing equipment to test the quality of products and have professional After sales service. Cheap products often don’t comes with these advantages, as long as they get the money, it’s hard to get the patience and timely feedback before you pay.


According to everything I’ve read… this still isn’t confirmed. Am I wrong here?


The CDC/FDA have’t named any one agent or compound responsible for the numerous deaths and illnesses. Anyone who says otherwise is selling you a river of shit.


They have found no correlation other than “vaping” and only in the US

Not Black vs white market
No common cuts

A mystery


OKay maybe i make a mistake and misundertood the media


From the NYT article cited in your Leafly post:

Health officials in New York State said on Thursday that they are investigating a possible cause of a recent surge in severe vaping-related illnesses: a compound called vitamin E acetate.

The state Department of Health said in a news release that “very high levels” of the compound had been found in 13 samples from eight of 34 patients who have gotten ill in New York. The samples were analyzed as part of an investigation by the Wadsworth Center, a state laboratory.

This finding by no means ends the search for what is causing the illnesses, particularly given that vitamin E acetate has not been confirmed as a factor in the majority of cases in which patients have gotten sick in New York.

With the whispers I am hearing in my circles - i’m convinced its big tobacco. For the past 5 years Phillip Morris has been buying all the tomato farmers in the South East.

Doesn’t take much money and a lil spice to cause a few deaths, then some chaos and lobby for regulation in your favor - playing off individual fears. These are the games they have always played.


I’m more inclined to think people are just stupid based on this.


Big money doesn’t just throw big money around. Do you remember those “say no to tobacco” commercials and non profit that was huge back in the day?

Guess who funded those? Big Tobacco baby.

So what better way than to be a wolf in sheeps clothing.


Well yeah, they kinda had to do that to protect what little image they had. Seems like trying to pull the cornerstone out of your recent multi-million dollar investment would just be all around bad investment practices…

I don’t know anything though, haha.


That article you posted says their purpose was to try and tilt the conversation from banning tobacco to banning cigarettes in favor of e-cig. If they’re also trying to ban e-cigs that seems highly counterproductive to say the least.

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Hi Magchemist, it’s been awhile. I hope you are good!

You are right!

However, trump backed down about three days about all “e-cigs”. They will ban mainly flavors most likely. This will only allow for transition to be smoother. Flavors don’t matter though, have you ever tasted a cigarette :rofl: Yuck! and it’s still a multibillion dollar business.

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I’m just crazy and stupid! haha.

I agree it does seem orchestrated how the whole media with one voice is taking a lesson from this that doesn’t seem to to be relevant to the stories (ban legal flavored ecigs). Whether tobacco is the one that is doing it is what I’m unsure of.


Could it simply be that regularly vaping oil into your lungs is not that great of an idea? Some of these kids are vaping in pretty large quantities…


I doubt it’s oil alone… I have to admit the whole situation seems a bit weird. Been watching this situation closely up here in Canada as we haven’t had any cases reported yet. It’s interesting to see them put all the blame on e-cigarette manufacturers though. There’s a lot of convoluted info out there… vit e, save or no? Looking forward to a bit of regulation when concentrates become legal/regulated here on Oct 17th! Probably have to wait awhile though…

My reading of available data suggests we are looking at more than a single cause. The CDC seemed to be looking at three different presentations, it’s possible that a single agent might present that way, but given no single agent has jumped out, my guess would be that we’re looking at a couple of different causal agents.

My alternate hypothesis would be genetics…


Among the 53 cases from Illinois and Wisconsin, however, the pathologic findings were heterogeneous.


Of the people getting sick?

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if certain people don’t have some sort of allergy or predisposition for being susceptible to the illness, as opposed to any specific component being the cause.