Personal CBD grow/ Grown in supersoil

Hey everyone, I’m new here. This is my first year growing Hemp/cbd. Figured I’d give it a shot indoors. I have no clue what I’m going to do with all of this. But I suppose I’ll figure it out. Once I harvest , I’ll send everything out for testing. Strains are as listed. T-1 , sweetened , & Franklin… everything is grown organically , with plain water ph’ed to 7.0 , and that’s it. The environment, soil , watering schedule stays the same. Any plant would be very happy in my garden lol. These are grown in a very simple no till mix. And only given water , no bottled nutrients. And no pesticides.


Very nice! Where are you sourcing your genetics? Grown from seed or clone?


Nice! What’s the soil mix?


Nice. Looks good.

I don’t grow in soil, but am surprised to see water PH at 7. I am usually closer to 6.

What is your water source? What is the PH initially?

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Hey guys very sorry , I was on my waiting period.

Grhc- I got my clones in the state of TN from Pope plant farms. I got T-1 , sweetened & Franklin. All supposedly high cbd & low thc.

My soil mix I kinda keep to my self , but it is based off any other simple no till mix.

My water comes out of the tap at around 9.0 ph , I bring it down to 7.0 before I water. But there is so much Dolomite lime in my soil , you could put any PH water inn & the run off would be 7.0 lol…

I’ll post as many pictures as this site will
Allow… feel free to ask questions.

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Here are a few more pictures, I’m at week 8 of flowering , so my tent is stacked full right now. Wish I had help harvesting all of this. But it will be nice to send out samples for testing.

Hmmm let’s go back to when they where babies. I drove 7 hours to pick up 50 clones. Unfortunately that was the minimum. Knowing I only needed about 15 or so. But that’s the way it rolls. But then again from a large scale farm operation , I understand. Here I am , some kid , who just wants a shot at growing legal hemp right? So after 15 hours of driving, I get back home only to jump right back into work. It’s been years sense I’ve ran a garden. But I just use my keep it simple stupid method. Use notil , train my plants , provide a good environment. Also there are No grow shops around me , so everything , I mean everything is shipped inn & that sucks. We need a grow shop lol. I’ll pause for pictures.

So the babies grew up very quickly… these genetics love to grow. So let’s see them threw the teenage years

Here are the testing results from the grower I got the plants from. These are not my results. I will send mine off after I harvest. But these are from the strains I’m growing.

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Please help me out by helping me understand what we are looking at. Not sure if these are good results or bad ?

The branches become friends , who need each other for support ya know… I also included a picture of the Franklin strain flowered out & sitting beside its clone. They are roughly 50ish days apart…

Getting closer to harvest… we are at day 53 flowering…

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are you on ig?

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Yep at Skywalkerk20

These girls are faded & ready for the chop.

I want some!

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I want everyone to try my medicine

13%, 16%, and 10% CBD-a are all pretty good results, in my opinion. THC needs to be a bit lower to be considered hemp tho. Your grow looks great!

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Thank you terp lord , I really appreciate you checking those out & letting me know. I’m not sure what I could do to bring the thc down more. Possibly harvest sooner ?

Happy holidays everyone!! Hope everyone enjoys the 4th of July… Harvest is under way , burn one for me , as I’m burning many for you guys.