perfect forum interface

I don’t give out compliments lightly, but great job!

I don’t usually do this, but this forum is so close to being perfect in the interface sense, so somehow I’d like it to be perfect. I never had the urge to post any site feedback to icmag for example, that list would be a book and its ?bulletin anyway.

Theme selector is not visible for me in setting/interface.

In a post “show more” turns into another function and not “show less” or an inactive, this is not regular behavior and could make someone accidentally trying to bookmark or delete on second click. I think “show less” would be the expected behavior by most people.

Keyboard help could close on “?”.

Keyboard Shortcuts customizable: I don’t like the navigation part, I can get use to the rest easily: you could use Alt+ up,down,left,right or WASD keys(wasd keys can have multiple modifiers directions can’t) instead of j,k,u etc. Customizable would be great.

A reading history panel by key with times etc, clickable.

Autocomplete in advanced search bar, for advanced functions, etc… and search on form change. advanced search keystroke.

sup/sub buttons and keys for textareas. because it is bad to type this in html: H2O

If I dream on… draw SMILES dynamically and interface to git for “chemistry” projects.

Again kudos for the site.

@sidco is our gate keeper concerning these maters

Did he develop the site or it’s based on an existing system modified? I guess I can help if he does not have the time etc.
And btw I hope I did not come off as a smartass or anything, it was not my intention, I smoke less in the morning nowadays…

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I see, Discourse, tell me if you need help to make a plugin or something.


Avatar gifs are converted so no animation possible. :frowning:

this would be my avatar, just got converted to png


No smartassery detected at all man. Our theme here, a d with the GLG, is that we all level up together.

Appreciate the feedback. Some of your issues may be simple discourse use issues, I typically am able to fix my own similar issues with a simple google search, as the overarching discourse community and support is vast.

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Thanks @Future , tell me if you need any help in coding etc.
There is another thread of mine in site feedback, that’s a bug, I don’t know theme selector can be unaccessible by my user rights or its disabled, the rest are feature requests: When I wrote the post:

That’s when I found out there is a Discourse and you are using it.

What version you run?

Many things from my list may be configurable from the back end.
Maybe I build discord here and see.

Anyway if you need help in coding(computers or mcus you name it) or industrial automation tell me.

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