People saying "use the search bar" is incredibly annoying

Oh great. Now it’s my problem :rofl:


I’m still a newbie and way beneath the level of most here… but I find that anytime I’ve ever posted a question, it was clear I did my research and the question in posing is either specific, or new. I tend to see the spoon reply when someone comes here basically… wanting a spoon.

“Hey guys, just wanna know how to make carts can you tell me” gets a spoon.

“Hey guys, I’ve been researching how to make carts, and wanted to know how xxxx terpenes react with xxxx material” will probably lead to a discussion.


Before google it was RTFM.

These people are help vampires.

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Youuuutubeeeee it

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if you had used the search bar you would have seen this is already a topic


Here is a current good example of a blatant spoon request that does nothing but clutter up the place. No information is offered. Nothing to be gleaned.

This is what is incredibly annoying, not the response.


The IT industry refers to that as LMGTFY - Let me Google that for you


You have two options the way I see it. Either you buy clue or you mine a clue. If you have capital/resources don’t waist your time and buy a clue. If you are financially challenged just keep reading until you mine what you want.


I used to direct students to LMGTFY when they asked me dumb questions that had answers in the syllabus.


[quote=“Schwarzite, post:1, topic:45605”]
Lol. Sorry this is a rant and I really don’t have any useful suggestions on how to fix it.
[/quote]So . . . . I guess one’s next question should be prefaced with; I’d like to buy a vowel!

It is however hard sometimes to know just what the magic words are that actually answer your questions or cover your concepts


When I discovered this place


Literally just thought of the meme too :joy::joy::call_me_hand:t3:


I didn’t know what a buchner funnel was earlier this year, I’ve learned a hell of a lot more here than I did at science school. I think it would be a huge help for the ignorant folks to make a glossary with definitions and synonyms. Like what does crc stand for? Diamonds=big crystals, stuff like that.

There was a thread or post that had all those listed. In laymens terms.

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    I haven’t come across that one yet

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Use the search bar. Sorry, had to do it.


i think another reason why we try to pressure users to do more research is a lot of the work done in this industry is done in a potentially dangerous setting, and users being completely oblivious to the process and just want to come in and make top shelf fire are bound to have accidents that can potentially end their life and give those who are performing the work in a proper way a bad image.

There are people who run a fully legal extraction room on here and also people who open blast in their garages. We can usually tell if someone isn’t on the level they need to be for that type of extraction/processing and generally advise them to do some more learning before attempting to manipulate flammable gasses for instance.

I don’t see a problem with that, and with people not giving away all the R&D they’ve put in to some random person on the internet who is trying to make a quick buck in the emerging industry.

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:innocent: did you try the search bar?

[ducks to avoid another swat with that newspaper]


Got me, I could of used that a year ago. But everyone here is so generous and helpful you hardly need the bar, lol