"Peony","Kingreat",about the hemp extraction centrifuge and related products should cooperate

Firstly,i need to clarify that Peony and Kingreat is same,some guys may receive the same spec. or send inquiry to the two company,we will leave your email as a record,and then we will arrange the corresponding colleague serve you.
So,whatever the title you discuss with,we are same.
We have two titles to promote our equipments,so don’t worry about that.

In addition,there are many other companies appear,some equipments are smalir with ours.
If you know us,you should know,our equipment is worth the price.
The configuration decides the cost,the cost decides the price.Our PLC&touch screen are Siemens,inverter is ABB,motor is TECO.And now,motor and control panel,we all could be UL listed for you.I don’t think other suppliers could do this for you.(The UL listed motor is standard,the UL listed is optional.)

We think hemp industry is a large field need us to expand,so we are looking the cooperator for it,and we gained over 50clients in USA in hemp extraction field including C1D1,CAPANA,HZB,PRECISION ETC , I hope to contact you and establish business relationship with everyone.

My Market director Mr.Gu will meet clients in US this month,and attend MJBizCon on Dec 11-13 ,If convenient,and you have interests about the business,we could make an appointment and he will come to visit you for further discussion.