Pentek 156017-02 ST-1 3/4" Stainless Steel Filter Housing: Replacement Water

Does anyone has experience with this filtration system?
Iv seen a couple of post related to this matter but not much description about the process.
Im thinking on placing 3 of this inline with diferent filters (100,20,5 microns).
Any advices or guidance is well appreciated!
Im doing Ethanol extraction


Yeah that will work. Get the string wound filters in bulk they come to around a buck a piece.

Also it may be worth trying a 1 micron filter at the end as you can easily source those as well.

Edit: I can’t tell from the product description of that particular filter housing, but make sure it’s easy to remove and change the filters out b.c. you’ll be doing it often

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These will get clogged really fast. I use bags for these coarse filtrations and then only use things like this for filtration under one micron.

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Yes, I use cartridge filters to filter sediment after cold ethanol extraction. I have not used those pentek housings but they look nice. I got some cheaper stainless ones off of amazon that are absolute trash. It turns out polypropylene filters work fine at temps of -80C and above. I switched from using stainless housing to the big blue style.

Staging them is good, but having some kind of prefilter is helpful or else you will be changing your largest micron cartridge size pretty frequently. What micron bags will you be extracting in? 220 micron is common, but results in a lot of sediment in your tincture. How much do you plan to extract at a time. Or how many pounds worth of extract do you plan to filter at a time? I can say that sediment from 10lb worth of biomass will require at least 2 changes of your largest size filter (size of 2.5 x 10"). Which is kind of a pain. But even if you do have to change filters 3+ times a run, it’s still faster than 2d buchner style filtration.

And you can find cartridge filters of 1 micron for pretty cheap, so I’d recommend using at least 1 micron as your final stage.


Any recommendations for bag filters of this scale? Something similar in scale/size to a 2.5 x 10" cartridge?

What is “this scale”? In terms of gallons, particle load.

10-20lb extracted in 10-20gal of ethanol. Not sure about particle load, but I use 2.5 x 10" cartridge filters and if I extract 20lb in 10 gallons of ethanol I typically have to change the 50 micron filter 3 or 4x per run. The larger free standing bag filters generally seem to large for my needs. Looking for something wall mountable.

This is kind of what I’ve been looking at:

I figure a similarly sized bag filter (relative to a 10x2.5" cartridge) will hold more sediment and require fewer changes?

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Yeah see that’s what I’m talking about. That’s not an acceptable situation. Use a size 1 or 2 bag filter. It’s big but you’ll be happy you got it in the end i guarantee it. You can easily filter 120 gal or so before you have to change it.

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yeah so basically im going to make a pre filtration step, with some 200 microns bags, after that it will go to the filtration system that i stated, so 100,25,and 5 microns. i did a small scale test and with 400g of biomass i got about 4 grams of that biomass going through the 200 microns bag, about 1%.
Also im not doing coold ethanol, just room temperature ethanol.
Im looking to process about 600 kg

is it possible to fit a sock filter in one of those cartridge housings?

No, the sizes are totally different.

i think ill go for bagfilters, 3 of them, 200, 25 and 10 microns, after that i will use the filters with 5 and 1 micron cartridges and a pump. how about that ?

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It’s hard to push fluid through 5 stages off of one pump.

Bag filters are probably a better idea, but If you put a 10um liner in the centrifuge basket, you can use those filter cartridges for at least a couple of hundred gal of tincture.


yeah idealy the bag filters will be just hand manipulated, no need for a pump on those, then it will go to the other filters, hopefully it will be enough for procesing 600kilos

Didn’t we use that exact model for a bit before going back to the plastic ones?

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pretty sure all the pentek housings we had were salvaged, so I only ever used them on the non-product side (filtering the heating or cooling side).


We had a new one we were going to use for fuge cleaning, but I’m not sure we ever actually used that one. Those plastic ones from Culligan worked great, though, and were all we used for filtration prior to alcohol recovery and distillation.

I agree that bag filters would be best, but in a pinch, those cartridge filters worked great.

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I agree; somebody did actually buy me at least one new one…but I’ve got no record of it ever being put in service… it was supposed to mount on the DSLB 30/80 chiller that they “lost”.

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