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What’s up man? Currently in the market for some air-tight packaging for a rice crispie product.
Right now we are just using big pop top 90 drams, but the fact that they aren’t air tight is shortening our shelf life…

We really like the air tight Calyx containers, but they are juuuust too small to fit 10 pieces in. If they had one a little bigger than the 45 dram they have now, that would be perfect.

Any suggestions/ideas?

Vacuum sealed in a foil bag or sealed in a bag that’s been filled with nitrogen prior to sealing.

Yeah we were looking at foil sealed for a minute, that just raises the cost of our labor during packaging quite a bit.
Right now we are just putting 10 pieces straight into a container and it’s really quick.
Putting them in one container, foil sealing that container, and then into another CR container will just cause a bottleneck for us.

Calyx uses a gasket on the inside of their lid to make it air tight. so we like that idea, the container is just too small. It takes 30 seconds to a minute to get the 10 pieces in one unit… So if we could get that container in like a 60 dram size, that would be perfect. Unfortunately Calyx said it would take months for them to be able to produce a custom sized one and get it CR certified.
We also pondered an air tight CR mylar bag, kinda like incredibles uses.

So you’re looking for something like this?

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That’s almost exactly what we use now, but that one’s air tight. Thanks man!

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Hey Zizzle
If you are ever interested in Child resistant bags again (custom print or stock), we have very competitive pricing for that.
We have bags with an excellent barrier that expands shelf life. AS well as a recyclable bag, capable of being printed on with soy based inks and has an excellent barrier too.

Please reach out to michael@newworldpackaging to get pricing on any size bag for any quantity.
Thank you!!