Packaging supplier, NO BS, fairest prices in the industry, lowest custom packaging prices

We are a cannabis packaging company located in California. We are a broker that has sourced the best suppliers both domestic and overseas.
We are able to provide 100’s of cannabis companies with all of their custom and standard packaging
Standard being: pop tops, doob tubes, glass jars, empty carts, pre-roll cones etc
custom being: boxes, bags, labels, printing services, artwork etc.

Ask any questions on what we are able to provide, price estimates, lead times and more.

What do you charge for these 5ml jars.


Does your company produce molded pulp inserts?

Have a client considering changing packaging suppliers, but they’re interested in being environmentally friendly with their packaging.


do you have a selection of child proof packaging?


bump this up i want to know too


Where/who are you sourcing from? I would love to supply you. We have warehouses in Boston and LA and have our own packaging facility in Shenzhen. Send me invoices from where you source and I will see if I can beat the prices

Hiw much for 5ml jars?

Im sorry for the late response what’s the quantity? email me @ Are those your pictures in the first comment?

Definitely, sorry for the late response. What is it you are looking for, email me at

If you are talking about molds for pulp from plant product i.e. bamboo or hemp. Yes we have that capability, minimums are high for this job but can be done. Email me

No thats someone else

Do you have any hemp derived plastic alternatives or recycled packaging?

Please stop fueling the plastic industry when there are green atlernatives


Okay if you want to email me pictures of what you need and quantities I can start there and work to get you pricing.

Yes, hemp plastic, bamboo, biodegrable plastic tech, etc.

Do you do paper box’s?


Yes of all kinds, corrugated, SBS, rigid, email me @
and we can talk more

What would be the quantity?

Ever make a decision? We focus on preservation and have designed a very modern vacuum seal glass jar that comes in a few different sizes and has many customizations available.

They went with biodegradable tubes.

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We are in R/D for custom hemp plastic molds and will have pricing on our hemp plastic tubes in a couple weeks.