Pa cbd full spectrum concentrate decarbed

Does any1 have live cbd concentrate that is below .3 thc for legal purposes. Seems like I can’t find any in my area.

@AshevilleExtracts seems to be the go-to for this


It may be tough finding any that is 0.3% from the supplier, you will likely have to remediate it yourself (tough to do while still maintaining a good terp profile), or dilute it down. Please let me know if you do find some that happens to be 0.3% or lower from the manufacturer.

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Yeah he doesn’t have below .3 right now and never got back to me when he’s making some

Yeah I see that. What do people usually do to remediate it the best? Trying to make emulsions

If youre making an emulsion with it, than theres a good chance the final product will be below 0.3%.


I’ve got some CBDA sauce available that’s below 0.3% THC
47% Cannabinoids 27% Terepenes 0.06% THC


Any chance I can order a sample from ya?

You make emulsions?

Not doing free samples but if you want to DM me your info I will get you a ml for $10 with shipping included.

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I need it decarbed sorry for not clarifying. Don’t know the best way od decarbin g concentrates, plus, I’m already down this emulsion rabbit hole.

It won’t be live anymore if you decarb it. I’ve got some fully decarbed full spec stuff that’s compliant as well.

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Sorry for my noobiness, I was under the impression that live meant decarbed. What’s the difference? I know decarbing makes it active. Just been down this emulsion rabbit hole.

“Live” typically refers to an extract from fresh/frozen material as opposed to dried/cured material in order to retain as many of the volatile terpenes as possible.

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So live means cbda and not live is cbd.

Have any of yall noticed a difference between using live and not live when making edible things?

“Live resin” is more describing the material that was extracted, not the final end product. Having said that, edbiles usually see some heat at some point in the food manufacturing process, so it’s pointless to use Live Resin or Live Rosin in edibles. It will all be decreed at some point and damage any terpenes that are present. Also, terpene content can make the oil more volatile and not work well with some recipes, so its always preferred to decry before using it in food recipes.

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Got it thanks you. Make sence why these being add terps into things after decarbing

What % THCa?!?

KCA has it at 0.0647%

I’lll set some aside for you.

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