Overshooting with thermowell

My mantle is overshooting now that I have put in a thermowell.
Any ways to help this issue?

Anybody have a quick solution?
Sand? Oil? Anything?

Can I use vg?

Fine sand I would recomend

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What do you mean overshoot? Temperature, or you talking about it boiling over? I’m assuming you mean you hooked up a temp probe to the mantle and it’s overshooting temp. If that’s the case some models will ramp up quick and aren’t really stable until over 100c. Mine needed to be calibrated which you can find in your manual. You can “drive manual” if that’s the case too watching and pulsing your heat until it’s over 100c

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It takes longer for the oil in the thermowell to cool and if ifs in a hot spot because your stir bar is goinfg slow or etc. i stopped using just for those reasons

I was using duratherm s for my head thermo and for my flask one when i was using it