Outlets for crude

Just looking for some insight into the industry. We are having a difficult time finding places to sell our crude. Where are most of you guys selling to, other labs? white label companies?


Friendly reminder to all, no sales on this thread.

Find a company running wfe’s they will want lots of crude on a reg.


what kind of crude do u have

Sell it to other labs. They can extract from it or do THC remediation.

I’m a white label company interested in your crude!! Hmu!!


This is over a year old.


Dude, this is a year and three hours old. :woman_mage::mage:‍♂

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I bet someone will have 2019 crude in 2021 the way things look.


Lol right. And the higher ups at my company think the prices of raw materials are going up this season :joy:


Hope can help sometimes.

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Shes always late.

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She truly is. Believing is definitely a better sop to getting what you want.

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I have heard the same hopeful thinking here as well lol


Bahaha nothing is going up when people are sitting on millions of lbs from last season and tons of oil. Theres too many big producers in the industry now. You will never see the price go back up on raw materials.


Totally agree! Some people like to pretend that supply and demand doesn’t apply to hemp.

“But our stuff is really good!” seems to be their reasoning - how differentiated can distillate and isolates really be??

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On the Crude level it matters. I’ve seen that $100 crude. Full of fats, low quality, and alot of that store ethanol crude is going rancid pretty quickly now and that affects the process all the way through (shit in shit out). I agree the market is never going to be where it was a year ago but this stuff does have a shelf life. As the mega producers drop out which seems to be pretty quickly now days, the supply will go down but demand should grow which I would think would lead to an increase in raw materials.

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Depends on your source. Most of the stuff you get nowadays is pretty comparable. Just gotta know your source.

That’s true if you know a good source but I’ve seen a bunch of junk floating around for sale that’s affecting the overall price point of Crude.
I dont think all crude is created equal though. Not to sound cocky by any means but I’m told pretty consistently that our Crude is the best our customers have ran. when it comes to potency I would say we are comparable to everything out there but I think what we dont pull from the plant is equally important as it reduces labor cost down the line for our customers.


I’m sure you make nice crude… but while there is a lot of garbage out there, there is probably just as much good stuff floating around too. Arguably more good stuff since the bigger labs generally produce higher quality products at larger volumes.

@greenbuggy makes great ethanol crude.

I got winterized CO2 crude from another company that looked like distillate and had potency in the mid 80s for TAC.

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I can attest to this as well, we dont usually sell our crude but everyone that has processed it seems to prefer it over the ethanol crude they are used to. (were doing hexane as well)