Out with the old…

20 22 is done
23 is here
42’s a wee ways off
The future it is near

A rising tide doth lift all boats
But floods do take our crops
Ergot gave us witches
And LSD as drops

Acid gave us PCR
Or so that story goes…
Rec it gave us stranger things
Like OK outdoor grows

What can weed yet bring us?
If greed we set aside
Anandamide cannabinoid
That we make inside

Delta 8? Or HHC?
Or THCa as flower
Chads, OG’s, or Wooks, or Bros
The Farm Bill gave us power

Run your hustle.sell more weed
Just don’t forget your fam in need

Be kind is what @Beaker asked
And I too must agree.
A very happy new year
From @cyclopath to thee


And from @tweedledew to you!




Outstanding, my friend. All my best!

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