Other places like Future4200

I love future4200, the people, the deals, everything… this can’t be the only place like this on the internet. Are there other websites like Future4200? Just curious… Thanks!

This forum is very unique in my view. Rarely have I found a forum that is so willing to share content freely. Big up to everyone who shares so openly :+1:!


100% agree! Almost like “life on earth”… but the internet is a big place, we cant be the only ones hahaha

As far as i know, no, there is no other like Future4200.com. It is indeed unique. thanks to @future for birthing it.


icmag.com forums use to be the spot, a lot of the earlier extraction machines/sop was developed there, but as more and more users started doing it more as a business it basically died off, Its still somewhat active.


Icmag, private fb groups, the links on the top of this site (when visiting a computer)

This is the most active business professional group. The rest are very wook in comparison