Oregon recriminalize hard drugs

A blind man could have seen the outcome in advance, years ago. But… A stupid ideologues could not… Or at least refused to see it.


Funny they legalized all hard drugs but criminalize cbn and other hemp derived cannabinoids


The hard drugs being legal was not the issue.

The open air drug dens, unpunished violence, no bail jail release on the rare occasion someone was punished, rampant property crime, and general lawlessness of Portland is.

Making small amounts of personal possession illegal again will do nothing for the situation, since on the off chance some streetperson gets arrested for them they will immediately get released


But at least it’s weird man, gotta keep Portland weird


you dont think the legals drugs added to any of that LMFAO. are you saying you need stricter laws and moree cops ? no fucking way KFMAO

No drug is actually illegal when the police aren’t able to enforce anything and the criminals get immediately let out of prison.

So no, changing a law on paper will do absolutely nothing about the problem


well you cant have it both ways. ACAB and they cry when crime getsout of control. What are yert choices then??

i say vigilantes is the answeer


Remove the financial incentive to commit crime. Safe supply, drug treatment, wet houses for people committed to killing themselves with drugs and alcohol


how exactly do you remove the finacial incetive to commit crimes for drugs? Why do people who choose to lvie like this need more coddling ?

start procecuting them and making consequences harsh for the choices they make in life

if you want to use drugs fine, but take full rtesponsiblity and stop being a victim for your poor choices

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How many opiate addicts are hooked as the result of lawfully prescribed drugs at the beginning?

You remove the financial incentive by doing DOC maintenance like the swiss did to shut down the open drug scene in Zurich. The cost to administer controlled amounts of opiates was less than the cost of dealing with the externalities from before


so whos going to pay for free drugs for everyone? Does that include legit patients who are terminlay ill ? do they get free drugs too? or do we just give free drugs to the losers on the street that made poor life choices ?

where do we draw that line? whos goiong to pay for it? whos going to initiate the the change in the current political climate for this fairy tale to hapen in the united states? yeah sure its sounds good to compre to a place like sweaden but thts never going to haoppen here anytime soon unforntaly nor is it the responsabaliyty to tax paying citcizens


Who is going to pay to lock them up? You’re gonna be paying for their Suboxone and healthcare while they go in as it is


ok so again how will this work? do the terminal ill get free medication? do these drugs not cost money to make so how does this proposed plan work and how does it get funded?

let see some hard numbers and facts where this money for free drugs is going to come from and whos gunna finace it

why is any of this my responsibility in the first place?

why should i care one bit about some junkie who made bad life choices thats whatr i dont understand sorry life can be rough sometimes but that nots on my conciounes or my personal responabilty to fix

Yes, medicare/medicaid already exists

Pennies per dose for opioids. Shifting budgets from law enforcement to public health, sugar tax, increased revenues because businesses aren’t fleeing from the open drug scene and theft

It’s not. If you don’t care about the well-being of others or your community, there are doctors who can try and help you understand why you are not capable of feeling empathy

The tragedy of the commons for starters


it has nothing to do with havig empathy.

whos going to bring forth the political change to shift these budgets?

tradegy of the commons could not be more far off base. Tgis all sounds warm and fuzy but whos going to initiate the change needed to pull this off?

yeah i choose not to live in a place that enables junkies and nor do i enable my friends or hang out with people who choose to be looser junkies

pretty simple

Well… if they decided to make sure that their was available safe housing or places where drugs could be done safely, instead of in open air drug dens.

If they allowed for de-escalation through social work instead of ignoring it or policing it (hint hint - think how cops handle kids in rural areas, instead of the city) take you to your parents OR help you out, since you actually know each other…

If they allowed for educational and back to work assistance. If there was more dedicated funding for rehabilitation services and those services lasted longer than 45 days AND you didn’t have to wait 3 years to start them.

And like Future said - it doesn’t matter if cops arrest people, if they immediately get let out. Don’t waste the money arresting people. Use the money to do something different (like the things listed above).

We don’t have to wonder about this stuff. Other industrialized countries have crime and they also have limited policing.

This right here. Exactly. Drugs and crime are a SYMPTOM of the social establishment - not the cause.

Its probably not lost on you that criminals get free drugs, when in prison. And we pay for that. And we pay for the property damage (through insurance, damage payments, and lowered home pricing). And we pay for the violence (lost people, lost days at work, cops because that’s how people are taught to respond…)

Its where we CHOSE to put those dollars that matters. And terminally ill patients, in most states in the US, can show their terminal illness and apply for disability assistance. It pays for the drugs.

Which state to you live in? I don’t mind pulling the publicly available numbers for you so you can have the hard numbers about what it would cost in a community near you, what you are already paying because things are not working, and what it will look like to get to the other side.

I get it - its hard to see how things will work because they are so broken. But we know that it works in other countries. We know that its possible to treat people with humanity. We know that doing so both creates jobs AND reduces costs.

Its choosing to do so that matters. Its hard to make that choice. Especially when you are in the thick of it. But watching harm reduction programs WORK and I mean really work, is awesome. Watching people get back to work after recovery is amazing. Watching communities get built. Watching property crime and violent crime go down.

Its hard. But it is possible. Getting over the fear of treating human beings kindly instead of beating them down and locking them up is hard. We can do it if we choose to do so.

Look at what decriminalizing cannabis has done - the amount of dollars that could now be spent on other substances to help people instead of locking them up.

I’m down to take a deeper dive into the numbers with you if you want. Just let me know which city or state you want to focus on - and we can look at available resources, crime rates, policing and rehab budgets, and what the gap that needs to be closed is. Half the time it is smaller than you think.

In my city - we brought in needle exchange and free narcan. This has already lead to significantly less transmissible disease AND fewer paramedic calls for overdose. Each one of those calls - is money. Each fewer person with transmissible disease is a savings. And the programs are a tiny percentage of the police budget that wasn’t getting us there. <3


i agree and im not denying that. We are not europe nor do we have the same political climate and that where the change to make this happens needs to start so whos gunna initiate that change??

whos going to stop the trilliuons made by drug comapnies and lobiest ?

there to much momey being made for anything to change and the govermanrt loves having people dependnt on drugs

why is it my responsabilty to supply people with free needle? its 2024 and if you going tomake the choice to use drugs then you have the option to order needles and sterile water online or buy it from the damn pharmacy i dont understand why i need to enable these kind of people

people i know that responsiably use drugs are not this kind of drain on society or resources and we really need to stope enabling peoples bad choices

if you aer in termibal pain then go get medicare but its not my concern or responsabilyi if you want to be some loser street junkie

As someone with an addict in the family, I appreciated this law because I didn’t have to waste time and money bailing out & lawyering up this family member. It was one less headache.

The street people are easy to shit on but it could happen to someone you care about…and then you would find out how few resources are available


well first off all im talking about myself im not shitting on anyone this all from personal expierence with addiction.

my expiernce with homelessnes and drug use showed me onme thing. addiction and homelessis a CHOICE and it was nobodys responsibilty but my own to get myself out of that life

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